- Variety
"Dazzled and breathless."
- New York Times
- The Hollywood Reporter

"Clutch-your-heart performance."
-The Village Voice

BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity * Now Playing at Film Forum in NYC!

I'm sure you've heard it again and again, but opening weekend is critical for the success of a film, especially small independents like us. So, New Yorkers, resist the urge to be homebodies, and hit the cinema this weekend! 

You can purchase tickets here

The film is screening September 10 - 16, and Catherine is conducting daily Q&As with Elizabeth Streb and members of the STREB Extreme Action Company.

BORN TO FLY will open in LA, San Francisco and Portland on September 26th, and more cities nationwide in the following weeks. See below for a full listing, or visit our website: www.borntoflymovie.com.


A Pursuit That Leaps, Crashes and Swings


Reviewed by 

In Born to Fly, Elizabeth Streb Conquers the World

by Alan Scherstuhl

Flying Tigers

Interview by 

"I challenged myself to use my particular time-based, artistic medium not merely to document Elizabeth's time-based work but to expand it. In fact, I wanted to collide our two artistic forms to invent a third kind of breathless, sweaty, heart-pounding experience."

Read the full interview here.

Don't Call It Dance. It's 'Pop-Action'

Interview by 

"In this interview, Streb recalls one episode a moment from childhood when her father forgot her, leaving her holding a roof for several minutes. Streb says that experience helped her shape her philosophy as a dancer and choreographer."

Listen to the interview here.

Director Catherine Gund on Capturing Motion in 'Born to Fly'


B2F Near You -- get your tickets now!!

New York, NY
Theatrical Premiere September 10-16th!
1:00pm, 3:15pm, 5:30pm, 7:40pm, 9:40pm
209 West Houston St, New York, NY 10014

Lancaster, PA
September 20th-21st, 24th-25th
2522 SE Clinton Street, Lancaster, PA

Chicago, IL
September 21th

Landmarks Century Centre Cinema 

Santa Barbara, CA
September 24th
371 South Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara, CA

Philadelphia, PA
September 25th
531 North 12th St, Philadelphia, PA

Los Angeles, CA
September 25th
10899 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 

Los Angeles, CA
September 26th - October 2nd
5240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Portland, OR
September 26th - 30th
2522 SE Clinton Street, Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA
September 26th - October 2nd
3290 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA

Port Jefferson, NY
September 29th
Theatre Three, Main Street

Detroit, MI
October 3rd - 5th
3420 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI

Santa Fe, NM
October 10th - 16th
1600 St. Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, NM

Boston, MA
October 18th
100 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA

Pleasantville, NY
Oct 26th 7:00PM, 28th 7:30PM
Jacob Burns Film Center

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