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Soul Caravan Into the Future

Dear Star Voyagers,

As more people awaken to the bright future possibilities of our time reactionary elements of society are yanking back hard.

Beginning February 11 thru March, Mark and Marcella will lead a caravan of souls through this incredible push-pull of our time to pave the way toward the future. This two-tiered offering includes an evening event during our astrology tour of the American west and southwest (Santa Cruz, Cambria, Venice, CA; Santa Fe, NM and Boulder, Denver CO), and a study group that will meet by telephone. Learn More & Register

Love Your Life Out~
Mark and Marcella

Bringing on the Living Future
Through the 12 Signs
Aquarius: Morphing the Galactic Inteligence

Saturday, February 13
4:30 PM Eastern
 Complimentary for those born under the signs of Aquarius.

Karmic Theatre:
Springing Your Greater Destiny
This is one of the topics we'll explore during the
Soul Caravan into the Future Tour
(An excerpt from Cosmic Weather Report pages 171 -  172)

Cosmic Weather Report:  Guidance For Radically Changing Times

Mark's book is available via local stores

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Mark Borax:  If everything between birth and death is no more nor less than a ritual designed by spirit to get you to discover who you are, then you can grant yourself freedom to fully enact your own highly personal story, without getting completely lost in it.  You can witness each debacle and triumph, each entrance and exit as the dramatic action needed to deepen your character and teach you lessons your soul signed up for.  Even in the midst of tremendous upheaval you can gain a sense of the larger themes at work behind the scenes.
As the lead character your task is to identify strongly enough with your role to put it across.  You have to believe sufficiently in the role of you; Ellias has to play a good enough Ellias; I have to commit myself to the role of Mark Borax with the gusto to pull it off.
Between birth and death, your soul, which has been here before, inhabits a unique individuality, which has never been here before.  No one has previously played the role of you, nor will again.  No one combines the eclectic way you have of looking at things with that body, those parents, that childhood, those past lives, those memories, insights and aspirations that make you you.
When you embody the fullness of this role, the world grants you in return a specific life domain to inhabit, a unique theatre of existence in which you can immerse yourself with heart and soul. Existence then transforms from blurry to sharp.  Random events point toward some thrust of meaning that was always woven into the action and hidden between the lines.

However, you're not meant to take your role so seriously that you lose sight of the fact it's just a role.  Even when engaged in the most powerful action you're also beyond it, witnessing the performance from a serene vantage point above.

Self-portrait by Flora Borsi
When you die your soul will shed the current role like an actor taking off her costume, and merge back into the etheric, where you'll embark on further stages of soul in cosmos, until it's time to come back again, when you'll assume a new role and get to find out what that's all about.  In each incarnation the continuity comes from your core nature or soul, which is an already developed being who came back from eternity to pick up thematic strands from past lives and reweave them into something new.

The contrast comes from the human individuality you inhabit, which gets to find its own unique expression of those greater themes by bringing more of itself to the portrayal.  This means that even when you're utterly absorbed in a tragic or comic turn of events, some part of you isn't.  You needn't get so entangled in the web that you fail to see the angels in the balcony tossing popcorn and howling with laughter.  You needn't get so caught up in yourself that you lose all sense of the greater dimension in which the play is enacted.  Nor do you need to get so detached that your scenes fail to come across, and your character fails to develop.

Japanese Manhole Cover
Where most of us get snagged is in the seductive lure of surface drama, the beguiling temptation to succumb to the literal outward presentation of events.   When thwarted from getting what we want, we collapse in self-frustration.  When successful in getting what we want, we puff up in self-inflation.  We get petty or petulant when somebody wins a treasure we thought was ours.  We get so mauled by events that we fail to bring our deeper nature to bear.

On the other hand, if you glide through life unconcerned about any of it, if nothing much really gets to you, then you fail to take your role to heart and lapse into a muted existence-- what Rumi calls playing the drum with a blanket over the head.  You fail to ignite.  You fail to make good on your promise.  Experience, instead of springing your greater destiny, that wears you down.  Life lacks passion, propulsion and depth of meaning because you haven't brought enough of yourself to it.   

To explore topics in Cosmic Weather Report: Guidance for Radically Changing Times, gather with others as we embark upon the Soul Caravan Into the Future! Check details here.

Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For? 
How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait? 

mark borax
Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books 2012 and the Cosmic Weather Report can be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.
Soul Level Astrologer Marcella Eversole
Marcella Eversole has facilitated transformation for individuals, couples and groups since 2002.  Marcella's sessions bridge worlds as she conjures examples from her professional career serving businesses, nonprofits, political advocacy groups with spiritual insights deeply impacted by mystics and spiritual traditions from around the world. Her 90-minute sessions are $125. Learn More.

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