July 2014

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Cosmic Weather Report:
Soul Talk

July, 2014
Cape Cod,  Massachusetts
July begins with most planets in air, then soon shifts to most planets in water. In astrology air = talk and water =  soul. When you put the two together you get soul talk, that kind of communication (often nonverbal) where some deep expression of who you really are inside is shared with other human beings or with nature and spirit.
By Kathy Klein
Talking soul means tuning in to the interconnected web of all life that you're part of. Even if your daily existence currently could use improvements, even if you're not yet living the life you dream of, you're still absolutely integrated into the mystical web of all things. You still fit in to the universe as much as the farthest planet or star. You still belong to earth as much as a blade of grass or drop of rain. You still participate in the great migration of spirit to body and back again, that all things undergo when they emerge on the physical side of the veil for a limited time only.
We each come from spirit and to spirit we will return. And while we're here we still belong to spirit, even when it hardly looks that way. When you talk soul you use your powers of expression to claim your role as a co-creator who gets to readjust reality based on the deeper core truth within you. In such a way we release the hold of the mass illusion that has taken over Reality Central and created a world of permanent war.
As the old paradigm falls away, inner vibrations become crucial, which is a key link between the current revolution in consciousness and the 1960s revolution -- it's the way things feel now, more than the way they appear, that is changing the world, because the way things look is pretty messed up. But if you tune into what's really going on below the surface, you'll contact a regenerative force much brighter than the dark and crumbling illusion that kept the world going for far too long.
By Georgia Theologou
If someone is telling you something that doesn't feel right, let your soul talk you into what they're really saying; let your inner powers of observation separate the wheat from the chaff. And if somebody is communicating awkwardly and uncertainly, yet the inner vibe you're getting feels good, clear, strong and true, give them a love tap, an inner signal, a wink and a smile to help them along. Sometimes this kind of soul talk can create astonishing results.
I did a reading for a woman two days ago who was brought into a project to renovate a  building that got decimated during an act of mass murder recently in the news. She shares an office with other government officials. She told me she was walking down the hall from her office the other day when one of the spirits of the people slain in that building directly addressed her, stopping her in her tracks. That spirit spoke unmistakably to her and at the end of this soul talk delivered a final message: "By the way, you have to go back to your office and tell everyone about this conversation."
"You're kidding, right?"
"No, you have to do this."
She took a deep breath and said, "All right."
Then she turned and went back to her office and, realizing she was exposing herself to ridicule and possibly ending her job, she composed herself and said, "I have something to tell you." When she had everyone's attention, she related the experience she'd just had.
After a moment's silence the most astounding thing occurred: each person, one by one, replied that they'd had the exact same experience but hadn't said anything for fear of seeming crazy to the others! 
By Iona Miller
When you dare yourself to speak the truth of your soul you may not always have instant positive results like this, but if you hold that truth in you'll keep the lid on the soul realm we all silently share, rather than offering yourself and others the chance to bust out of Reality Central.
Due to the ascendancy of Uranus this month, first as part of a Grand Square, then as the tip of a T-square, your verbal and nonverbal soul talk is bound to have surprising results that contradict the mainstream paradigm. If we all give it a try we may discover that normalcy is not as normal as it seems.

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