June 2014

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Cosmic Weather Report:
Remember Who You Are

June, 2014
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
By Aimee Stewart
Between May and July the ice giant Neptune circulates around and around 8 Pisces, whose Chandra Symbol is A gypsy woman sings a mournful chant. 
Each Zodiac sign has thirty degrees, and the eighth degree of every sign is the point where the journey of that sign must delve deep down beneath the Broken World to find what's whole. 
Pisces is the most primal sign, sign of the primordial sea that life spawned in, after being seeded into our world from comets and stars. Like gypsies we've strayed far from cosmic origin and become stranded in somebody else's strange world. Yet the song of the heart reminds us that despite this exile something remains whole beneath the brokenness, and that's what the gypsy's song calls us to remember.
Do you remember?
Do you remember that time before Time when you first chose to be human? 
Underneath the fragments of a crumbling world culture the memory of that choice glows like the crackling embers of a sacred fire which will illuminate the world at the moment you remember.
Do you remember why you came here?
It was a promise and a gift; the promise that your soul seed might take root during the end time of a false civilization. The promise that the great love inside you might ignite and awaken that vast silent love slumbering in the depths of our species. 
By Hilkmet
It was a promise that your soul's stunning love for existence, despite all our fractured divisions, could ignite a similar awakening in others, until the truth of who we are would  slough off layers of history's ignorance and tip the balance back to wholeness. You came for the promise that the unique seed of creativity planted in your soul could take root and flourish and instill everything false with something real and true from within. 
When you remember who you are on a soul level, you change yourself in a way that changes the world. A force of wholeness begins to radiate into the fractured brokenness of our time, and something right takes root amidst the wrongness.
Deborah Koff-Chapin
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