May 2014

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Cosmic Weather Report:
Finding New Stories

May, 2014
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
The Grand Square, or Cardinal Cross presides over the month of May, releasing toward the end of the month, with a boost from Mars going Direct on May 19th. The soul-level view of the Grand Square reveals a powerful configuration designed to catalyze transformation.
By Doris Tesarkova
The kind of transformation triggered by a Grand Square is the kind where pressure builds to get you to awaken to who you really are and what you're doing. This kind of awakening requires awakening to the stories you've been telling yourself underneath the stories  you've been living. You know those stories?
We all tell ourselves stories about The Way Things Are, that we inherited from people who told themselves stories, that they inherited from people who told themselves stories. When you factor in past lives, any single human individual is carting story upon story upon story around the galaxy. These layers compound your ability to meet life afresh any given moment without laying a whole lot of baggage over the rich possibilities available for transformation.
When pressure builds, these under-stories act out. To get in touch with your under-stories sit down with a piece of paper and pen and ask yourself "What kinds of belief systems would a person need to have to create a life that looks (or feels) like mine?"
From Martine Sweeney's Facebook
Shared By Martine Sweeney
Karmic tales of this kind center around lack, image, approval, scarcity, and fear, and they make it hard for love to happen. They create programming tapes that loop around ad infinitum. But the most important thing to know about karma is that it heats up just at the moment it's most capable of being changed. Your pre-programmed belief system can't be changed at a root level until it acts out on a surface level. If you're enjoying a calm moment now while reading this report it's easier to grasp the potential for transformation available here, but it's in the thick of the old stories striking that you most need to remember it.
On the night of a full moon at Easter a few years ago I hiked up Cathedrale Rock in Sedona, Arizona with a group of friends  on a journey with magic mushrooms. The moon hadn't yet risen and in the dark my friend Azar banged her head straight into a rock outcrop and said "I wonder why I did that?" which cracked me up, because instead of cursing her fate she questioned her role in co-creating that little moment just a split-second after it happened, turning karma to grace. Instantly the pregnant tension of the group load lightened, and as if by magic the full Moon rose over the spectral red rock landscape.
Deborah Koff-Chaping
By Deborah Koff-Chapin
The power of the stories you tell yourself becomes instantly redirected once you awaken to your role as a co-creator. For 27 years I've been sitting with people in soul-level communion offering them new stories, which has helped me awaken to my own stories. When I find myself caught, I think of Azar and laugh

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