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Entering the Age of Aquarius


At Soul Level Astrology, the two major astrological themes for 2013 have been "shedding everything but love in the year of the snake" and how to work with the Uranus/Pluto link that is ushering in the Age of Aquarius. 


In the Spring of 1966, Uranus (Revolution) and Pluto (Hell) came together in Virgo. Virgo was the key Sign of the 1960s, because Virgo is the act of renouncing what no longer works. In the late 60s millions of people pushed away the past even if many of us only had a dim idea of what to replace it with. The revolution of the moment was that we didn't need to perpetuate the hell on earth that the Viet Nam War came to symbolize, but could stand at the gates of Aquarius and open society up to something completely different. Aquarius is the truth that all people are created equal and deserve happiness.

Between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015, Uranus and Pluto square each other seven times, and each square has a piece to contribute to bring on the Aquarian Age. A square forms when planets make an exact 90-degree angle to each other. The nature of this square is to concretize what the conjunction in 1966 introduced. It's as if the seed planted by the conjunction needed 46 years to sink deeper into the collective psyche before it could span out and harden into a foundation for the bright future.

1. Jun. 24, 2012 Crisis in Values
2. Sep. 19, 2012 Death of the Old
3. May 20, 2013 Loving Yourself
4. Nov. 1, 2013 Healing
5. Apr. 21, 2014 Claiming True Power
6. Dec. 14-15, 2014 Gaining a Vision
7. Mar. 16, 2015 Community Action

aquariusThe 1960s Revolution in Consciousness was powered by the truth that we could no longer honor and believe in a society that had lost its way, and that we needed a new vision. Now, during these seven squares between Uranus and Pluto, two of which have already happened, we are being summoned to build a new world based on the truth that, deep down in the soul where it most counts, we are all the same all over the world, and we are united in our thirst for something better. That the out-of-balance world culture which has persisted for centuries can no longer continue, but must give way to a culture that is more based on truth than lies.

The first square, of June 24, ushered in a crisis of values, to awaken us to the measurement of how far the life we lead has strayed from the truth of what we believe. If you're not yet living the life you love then this crisis of values is causing the current unrest in your life. If you are already living the life you love, then this crisis becomes a tsunami of transformation that you can learn to surf along with many others, who are awakening all over the world. Surfing the tsunami means to jet forward in manifesting your dream despite all the so-called reasons why it can't happen.

The second square, of September 19,  is the death of the old. Many may still be experiencing this as we move forward and backward through that which is dying. When we recognize this death as a shamanic initiation, we can have a slightly easier time of it.  The forces of the May 20 square urged us to love ourselves, infusing the journey with a regenerative, self-acceptance and a chance to get right with what it means to incarnate, become ensouled.  In the depths, love is returning. To claim the full power of these first three squares is to renounce your allegiance to the illusions, and make love your guiding objective, the place you come from. 

When cosmic forces build toward a transformational gateway like this, which they have been building toward for a long long time, and when social forces set aside their differences to come together in council and appoint warriors of love to go out and spread the news of change, all efforts you make to align with these evolutionary currents will sweep you into a new state of being. Teachings that you formerly may have heard half-heartedly will concretize into full-bodied revelations, substantiated by the power of the squares. Thought forms you inherited from a dying culture get swept away by a tsunami of change. We all stand together in the presence of miracle and wonder, and each raw blast of energy streaming through our species blows away the past and brings on the future.

2013 is a Year of the Snake, and as we approach the tail end of the Dragon, and the all-powerful Winter Solstice Gateway, we are being asked to shed everything that's not love. To shed stories of separation and lack. To shed false obligation, and take our power back from dying systems. To bless and release the past and rise fully into being the love you are. 


Mark Borax
Soul Level Astrologer
Westminster West, Vermont



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