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Cosmic Weather Report:
Exiting the Karmic Roller Coaster

October, 2013 
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
By Norman Duenas

When I begin one of my 80-minute soul sessions I usually ask "Do you have an intention of what you'd most like to get from this?" Since July I've been hearing the same reply over and over from clients in different parts of the world:


"My life is at a crossroads and I have no idea which way to go -- which is very unusual for me."


During the twenty-five years I've practiced soul work I've learned that when various people who don't know each other keep saying the same thing, some larger pattern is at work. So I went digging through my star maps and found that since mid-July slow-moving Pluto has been sitting in 10 degrees Capricorn, which is a degree that enables us to see something we never could've seen before, and alerts us to missing parts.


Capricorn is Highest Vision. Pluto rules the Collective Undersoul -- the hidden entrenched realm that must be loosened up for mass evolution to take place. So with Pluto sitting in 10 Capricorn from July to November, the subterranean basis of mass reality is being jackhammered. Our foundations are being shaken to pry loose the obsolete components of our vision. Both the place we stand and the place we seek are striving to break through our own and mass society's obstacles that keep them from uniting in a clear working relationship. 


Pluto is the most relentless and unstoppable planet, and many people have been reporting exhaustion, uncertainty, dismay, as if they're being bombarded by something they cannot define. Capricorn is the Sign of the wisdom we gain when we catch ourselves acting out some lesser version of who we are. We can awaken to the conditioned ways of being we inherited from a lost world. We can recognize the habitual games we play to ambush our higher interests. 


None of this current Plutonian-Capricornian awakening usually arrives in a calm pleasant fashion, such as "Oh, my -- I've been shooting myself in the foot again; guess I'll have to pick a more enlightened way to do things...."


By Gergo Poscai


Usually, instead, we freak out, and then fail to realize how our own mind set contributes to the general freak out going on around us. It's easier to get slammed by the negative ramifications of change then to spot the places where we ourselves need to change.



And these days here on Planet Earth forces of change are accelerating, thrusting us through growing pains whether we're ready or not. In my own life people have been dying expectedly and unexpectedly all around me. Systems have been breaking down and thus pointing out where they need repair. Relationships want to be tweaked in order to function better, or scrutinized to see if they really serve. 


I often find myself aggravated at somebody who cuts me off in traffic, or at someone close to me who steps on my toes. In my daily life as a father, husband, friend, astrologer and citizen of the planet, my buttons are being pushed like crazy. But even while they're being pushed, or, let's say, a moment later, I catch myself falling for the Old Game and getting sucked one more time into the black hole of negativity. Then, I realize that I've probably been getting in everybody else's way as much as they're in mine. At that moment an inner switch clicks, turning on a laser beam of higher vision. Suddenly the whole ridiculous scenario gives way to a portal of initiation.


Artist Unknown. Shared by

Lightworders World



Whatever training course my soul signed up for becomes revealed as I notice the track underneath the karmic roller coaster. Every bizarre up and down that threw me around is also capable of shaking the bullshit out of me. These shake-ups are planting me back on the road of love and compassion.


    Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here for?  
        How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait?
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Mark Borax is a master astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution.
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