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Cosmic Weather Report:
Celestial Deep Tissue Massage

September, 2013 
Putney Mountain, Vermont  
Interconnection by Richard Welker
By Richard Welker
Through September a Grand Square predominates, with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto forming three stable corners, and Venus, Mercury and the Sun exchanging roles in the changing corner. A Grand Square occurs when four or more planets are approximately 90 degrees away from each other, forming the most pressurized aspect of all.
A normal square, with two planets 90 degrees apart, produces karmic  pressure that holds you in place strongly enough to gain some crucial lesson you've been trying to learn for lifetimes. If you turn left without gaining the lesson you bang into a wall. If you turn right, the same thing happens. Every way you go you hit a block, a sure sign your karma is up. The only way to unblock the square lies in digging beneath the block to fathom some destiny riddle that has eluded you time after time, and can't be solved until you uproot the roots of the problem. The hidden gift of karma is that once you clear the dysfunction at the root it rarely comes back again with the same force. Until you clear the root, however, it keeps springing up, ambushing your higher intentions.
By Deborah Koff Chapin
A Grand Square multiplies the karmic pressure of the square many times over, increasing the tension but also increasing the transformative release if you get the lesson.
Like four walls closing in on you, we're being forced toward the kind of breakthrough that can only occur when such pressure is exerted. The key to the breakthrough lies in recognizing that you're standing squarely in your own way. Some recalcitrant part of you keeps sabotaging your bright dream and higher purpose. Some imp or demon keeps blocking your love. Lacking a deep grounding in the core of your being, the world's delusion traps you again and again.
Like agonizing but therapeutic deep-tissue massage applied to your gnarliest muscle cramps by a master bodyworker, the karmic knots you've been snarled up in for ages can only release when external force is applied while you inwardly breathe and release, breathe and release. "It's only one more stumbling block on the road to ecstasy." "It's just humanity and myself acting out again when both of us know better..."
The Celestial Bodyworkers working the cramp in the collective body of the species this month:
Jupiter -- holds the blueprint for human consciousness.
Uranus -- shocks stuck systems with lightning revelations of higher truth.
Pluto -- holds the hell of our species in place til we awaken to our part in it.
By Vimark
The rotating fourth corner pertains to the changing landscape of your personal life. Venus rules love. Mercury opens doors. The Sun wants you to shine.
Held within the three fixed and one changing corner of the Grand Square, these forces challenge you to claim your ground, breathe and release, so the deeper purpose of who you are and what you're doing is cemented in on a foundational level. Until then, pressure closes in on you, preventing you from prematurely slipping away before you gain the lesson and spring the karmic trap.
The hell of our species is that we're capable of so much more than we manifest. Over and over through the centuries visionaries have told us we're made of love. And over and over we fail to manifest that. The pressure is on now to break through that block. As lightning-like revelations of higher consciousness strike, as glimmers of bright destiny flash, despite what everyone else is doing, now's the time to banish your own chunk of hell and become the love that you are, and stand strong in that regardless of what follows.
    Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here for?  
        How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait?
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Mark Borax is a master astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution.
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