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 Cosmic Weather Report

5 Moons Truth Inquiry

April 2013

Westminster West, VT




Since November five New Moons fell in the 22nd degree of five Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.


It's unusual for this many New Moons in a row to be in the same Degree Frequency.   


Frequency 22 is a truth inquiry, which means we're culminating a five-month search for truth that began last autumn. The inquiry began in Scorpio, which presides over the deep psychic-emotive underlayer of human existence. In these months I noticed a pattern in many clients I did Soul Level readings for. Almost every week now clients ask how I feel about their decision to cut their families out of their lives.


            In earlier years of my practice I heard this question about once a year. To hear it at least once a week indicates something strange afoot. Few of these people seem intensely upset about this choice. Most seem to have wrestled with it. Rather than impulsive reaction, it seems based on a realization that it's not their obligation to dwell in dysfunction, and that they have a right to a healthy life. While it saddens me each time I hear of this decision, I recognize the search for truth at work.


A long-due awakening seems to be rippling through the collective undersoul, striking more and more people with the urge to get down to a bedrock truth, a sobering foundational recognition of how far their lives have strayed from the track of their soul, and of the power they have to make much-needed changes.


            The final Sign of this 5 Moons Truth Inquiry is Pisces, whose New Moon cycle began a couple of weeks ago and continues for the next couple weeks. Pisces is the Family of Humanity, the roots that link us to genealogy, ancestry, origin and past lives.


            I believe a great purging has been instigated, urging us to stop living many layers removed from underlying realities. The choice of my clients can be seen to fit into this broader need: To clear away the deceptions of our time, which we inherited from our parents' time, which they inherited from the illusions of their parents, and so forth, until our world seems to be more of a dystopian science fiction like George Orwell's 1984, rather than the healthy and sound planet we know it to be.


            As in 1984 the deceptions of our time have a peculiar irony that exceeds that of the past. We have a president who has given himself the right to torture and assassinate anyone he wants without having to answer to higher authority. We have spy drones flying over New York City, as if our country was an Occupied Zone. We have an act signed into law last week that forbids anyone from holding genetically-modifying food companies accountable for the havoc their mutant food creates. We have corporate-controlled news media that is in some ways worse than that of Soviet Russia during the Cold War, because behind the Iron Curtain no one expected media to tell the truth.


            If we are to get to the bottom of this soul-level inquiry  we must awaken from the great hoax perpetrated on the http://www.nannenyander.se/Namaste.htmlhuman species, that allows millions of people to walk around acting as if poisoning the world and breaking the backs of the poor to support the rich is anything remotely resembling normal. We must break the taboo against pointing out the dead elephant carcass rotting in the living room.


At this point you may well ask, where then do I get my indefatigable positivity? How can I continue after forty years using my writing to carry the torch of the Great Good News of Existence? Where do I turn when the weight of Disinformation makes it hard to get up in the morning?


            The answer is I draw encouragement from a deep well of positivity that got filled by the good acts of all people who ever lived, those who, during their own long dark night of the soul, chose love over fear. I draw my inspiration from Isaac Singer and Herman Hesse, from Rumi and Rilke and Malcolm X -visionaries who fought off tyranny and oppression and rose like beacons in the night to follow their own souls. And lately I've drawn encouragement from being so close to the bright souls of my four-year-old and nine-year-old boys, who need a good world to inherit from their old man.


I took part in the 1960s Revolution in Consciousness that stopped the Viet Nam War, and I know that since changed the world once we can do so again. However, I also know this change is harder, because the Disease of Untruth has infiltrated deeper into the system, and is no longer limited to the need to end one unjust war. Which means a massive awakening is called for that cuts across party lines.


by Paula Nicho Cumez


When this many people choose to cut off their families, with little apparent bitterness and enmity, but much resignation, I can tell that these individuals have spent sleepless nights asking questions that really matter: Why am I not happy? Is it my job to keep enabling my family to ignore the truth? When is it a greater kindness to walk away from someone you love rather than continue supporting an illusion?


When clients ask what I think about their choice I tell them that dysfunctional relationships are not the product of one person but a co-creation. Which means that when you choose to separate from a dysfunctional marriage, family, sexual relationship, friendship, social group or job, you've only completed half the work. The second, and often more rigorous half, is to uproot the part of yourself that co-created the situation in the first place.


The most brutal war the United States directly participated in in recent memory was World War I, which came to be known as "The War to End All Wars." People called it that because the carnage was so horrendous that nobody who lived through it could imagine participating in another wide-scale slaughter. Unfortunately that war did not live up to its nickname.


It is the great task of our time to end an even more brutal war, which each day takes a toll not on tens of thousands, but hundreds of millions of people all over the world. It is the War on Truth that allows smiling presidents to pay lip service to noble aspirations while gutting the Constitution and shaming the meaning of democracy.


An ironic casualty of this War is that the growing outrage of dirty secrets of our country are being reported in European countries and other parts of the world - creating a huge credibility gap between what most Americans believe as truth and what more and more of the rest of the world knows to be true. The Revolution for Democracy that occurred here 250 years ago has passed us by and is now being adapted through the rest of the world, as more countries awaken to the fact that they now possess more democracy than we do. We have lost the moral imperative we once so boldly claimed.


            The only remedy for this web of lies is to rise up, stand by Aysen Aksoystrong with your family and friends within the truth of your own soul, and speak out against the lies.


            What will it take to put the world back on track?


            Simple people like you and me, in many nations, claiming the long-denied truth that we are all citizens of the same planet. We all deserve our children to inherit a world that works, a planet that has a future, rather than the radioactive fallout of an imbecile species that kept denying its own shadow and projecting its own devil onto the other guy.


            C'mon, people: Let's wake up before it's too late.


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Another factor is that during the last three years, Marcella and I have been preparing to buy our first home, and have finally found a beautiful rustic house here in Putney, Vermont that we love. During this time, as we gathered funds, I considered raising my rate, but held it firm, due to a bottoming-out economy. I didn't want to push clients to have to pay more than they could afford.  With the economy beginning to strengthen now I feel the need to establish the higher rate.


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"I send a deep surge of gratitude to all my readers, clients and students whose love, encouragement and financial support make the owning of my first home possible." Mark 


After having lived in more than a hundred homes since childhood, I've been pinching myself to grasp the reality of being on the verge of moving my family into our own place.



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