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Cosmic Weather Report 

The New World Belly Dance


February 2013

Westminster West, VT 


     The New Moon at 2:20 PM Eastern U.S. time on February 10 marks the departure of the Dragon and kicks off the Year of the Snake (which I wrote about extensively in my special New Year's Report, and also gave a talk on.) The transition from Dragon to Snake, which occurs every twelve years, is a swooping, circling descent as the gigantic winged beast morphs into a low-to-the-ground furtive animal, that rarely shows itself as boldly as its dragon cousin, and soon becomes camouflaged in ground cover.


    This descent marks the plunge from the ultra-dramatic vantage point of 2012 to the low perspective and caught-up-in-life feeling of 2013. Many people are going from obligation to obligation with a quizzical expression - "Am I on track? What just happened? Do all the things I'm doing really serve some greater purpose?"


     As the Dragon swoops in and transforms to its earthbound cousin, we are launching a New World Belly-Dance, where gut instinct takes over from mental designs. This is a natural coming-down process from the long-prophecied and far-reaching visions of 2012. The job of dazzling visions is not to keep you vibrating at a supercharged level of height, but inform your descent with something lofty to keep in mind as you return to the stuff of daily life.


     This is the year to let instinct guide and inform intellect, especially if you already have gotten your life on track. If you haven't, and you're flailing around like a dragon's tail looking for direction, consider a reading. (I'll make my annual pilgrimage to Santa Cruz, California in early April, and still have openings in my schedule.)


     Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for "sleeping serpent." It refers to the vast electrifying life force coiled inside the midsection of the human body. From February 10th on this force is on the rise, empowering you to feel your way into a regenerated existence. Kundalini rushes occur when the coiled energy packed into you lashes out producing electric jolts from head to spine, as the World Serpent breaks out of its internal prison. The accent this year is on the life force itself, the primal rush of energies that yogis, marshal artists, athletes and mystics learn to channel to produce vivid awakening, healing powers, and triumph over the numbness and apathy that trap our snakes in lidded baskets.


     This snake dance has an erotic side as well, because the energies that gave you life came from the sexual dance of your parents. That former snake dance drew your soul into the physical plane. Its raw energies remain circulating through you, and can be tapped for many purposes, including sexual. As these forces rise they compel powerful transformation in the body politic as well as the human body. Shake-ups in relationships and political uprisings will break out this year, and, true to snakes, will at first be camouflaged amidst the confused disarray of the modern world. A species as repressed as current humanity cannot get to the bright future without undergoing such a snake dance.


     Snakes are the outlaws of the animal family. They slither in and out of grass, rocks, bushes, caves, riverbanks, lakes and trees. They keep their purpose close the ground, whispering in silent language that can easily be mistaken for the breeze rustling the grass. Very few of them pose a threat to humans, and the ones that do are usually responding to what they feel as a threat.


     They are in-between animals, rarely exposing themselves to the light of day, choosing more often to glide through water and grass along their own secret paths. Though remaining low to the ground they carry enormous power, which means that this year you will be challenged to know what to do with your power.


     The greatest power you have is to marshal your primal life force for love and healing, and use it to create a new world. During a time of great political and cultural distortion, when obsolete belief systems are clashing with the great love of the species that remains dormant, surges of snake power will snap you out of the Trance of Normalcy, and regenerate your ability to shed the past.


     Bob Dylan said, "To live outside the law you must be honest," referring to the fact that going along with the dominant paradigm doesn't require much original thought. But if you awaken to the deeper nature within you, you journey to the verge of tremendous power. If you claim your right to follow your own path of destiny, you must work extra diligently to check your progress, because no one else can choose your fate for you. No one else can define your success. The Spiritual Outlaw chooses to transcend society's rules when they block the evolution of the species.




 During this Year of the Snake as our hidden nature flashes out of hiding social conventions will be challenged, in favor of striking a truer path through the end time of a false civilization. Chaos and anarchy are not the answer, nor the way of the snake. The snake is extremely committed to remaining very close to its own design, even when that leads through a roundabout hidden path.


     We need Outlaws of the Soul to steal boredom and complacency from a dying world. To stand up to the madness of our so-called leaders who have lost their way. To join in the great surge of humanity rising to release the great light packed into us.


      As the World Serpent rises we have an opportunity to shed the skin of old ideas, emerge raw in the stunning light of a new vision.


          The snake gets a bad rap in The Bible, where the downfall of man is attributed to the combination of Woman and Snake. It's true that when you dance with the snake you're playing with elemental forces. The power of attraction is on the rise. All over the world this year a New World Belly Dance is busting out, to help us wash away the old and ring in the new.


          Dancing with the snake is dancing with desire, fear, sexuality and the power to claim your greater role in the scheme of things. For too long we have held ourselves back from inhabiting the depths of body and soul. When the human heart and mind awaken and line up with the awakening power within, we harness the force to change the world.



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