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In the six short months that I have been the Executive Director at Insight Prison Project (IPP), I have been privileged to meet many remarkable people on both sides of the prison walls. Robin Guillen is a master at carving wooden flutes, a respected leader among Native American and other San Quentin prisoners, and a member of the IPP Prisoner Advisory Committee. I invite you take the time to appreciate Robin's words as he describes the process of transformation that he has gone through while in prison. Robin speaks for hundreds of incarcerated men, women and young people who have done the hard work of reclaiming themselves through the restorative-justice based programs that IPP provides. I hope you will consider making a donation this season to enable people like Robin to participate in IPP's transformative and life-affirming programs.
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Ellen M. Barry
Executive Director
"IPP has been able to create, implement and manage an impeccable process, restoring true health and safety for those courageously faithful survivors of crime, trauma, violence and addictions in and out of prison."
Robin Guillen
Robin Guillen
My name is Robin Guillen. I am writing this letter to ask for your financial support of Insight Prison Project (IPP). As a term-to-life prisoner presently contained in San Quentin, I can attest to the substantial effectiveness and the consistent results of the numerous programs IPP has introduced and established. These programs serve far more than the mantra of public safety. IPP has infused San Quentin State Prison with peaceful, practical solutions to the myriad of individual and societal diseases manifested through trauma, addiction and violence in its various forms. It is through IPP's instruction, process and practice that hundreds of men have been empowered with emotional intelligence. This has been one of the core areas that assist men to leave prison before getting out.

As a man who has been empowered through the process of the Victim Offender Education Group, Violence Prevention, Meditation and Yoga, I unequivocally endorse and implore your generous and conscious support of IPP. Would you please embrace this plea on behalf of the thousands of men and women who are presently voiceless and contained in concrete and steel. These pleas are from those of us who are willing to break the cycle of trauma, violence and addictions and now humbly work with others. We are now able to effectively share and provide the teachings of IPP supporters/staff through emulation and practice of spiritually sound guidance in unity with the developing awareness of emotional intelligence.

The IPP family provides humanitarian services within the criminal justice system that have proven to be vital components of what is known as "rehabilitation." IPP has been able to create, implement and manage an impeccable process, restoring true health and safety for those courageously faithful survivors of crime, trauma, violence and addictions in and out of prison. The emotional intelligence teachings provided by IPP are a definitive example of the importance of empathy and compassion. IPP administers a pure form of restorative justice as a healing salve upon open wounds.

Thank you for your generous gift. May your generosity resonate throughout the universe!

Blessings to You,          
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Robin (Peacemaker) Guillen

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