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Satisfying stats: How numbers helped a diner optimize its menu

The Researcher's Bookshelf: Mobile Magic

5 marketing trends and how MR must respond

The Social Side of Research

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Research War Stories: One woman, anxious to try it, began to take off her pantyhose...


Satisfying stats: How numbers helped a diner optimize its menu

By Michael Lieberman  


The job of the statistician is evolving. It's no longer a number-crunching, quant-only profession as end users expect more dynamic deliverables. A statistician's work is becoming interdisciplinary and, according to Simon Chadwick of Cambiar Consulting, even sexy. At least that's what Chadwick said at the CASRO Digital Conference in San Antonio in March. Chadwick also said that with the exponential explosion of data, storytellers will be more and more in demand. The C-suite will be searching for those who can sift through the noise and distill the story of the research down to a manageable action plan.



The Researcher's Bookshelf: Mobile Magic

The Saatchi & Saatchi Guide to Mobile Marketing and Design 

By Tom Eslinger 

In his new book, Mobile Magic, Tom Eslinger takes readers through the practical points of mobile marketing development, production, content strategy, content management and how to market digital and social campaigns. While Eslinger's primary focus is on marketing, we felt this piece, adapted and edited from a chapter in the book that details the main functions of modern mobile phones, might be useful to familiarize marketing researchers who are considering incorporating mobile approaches into their toolkit. And for those who already use mobile research approaches, perhaps the discussion of the functions might spur some ideas for new mobile-based research projects.

Just a few years ago, having a camera built into your mobile phone was something special. There were mobile phones and then there were cameraphones or videophones. Now everything is just "mobile" again because we pretty much expect all mobile phones to come with a camera that takes image and video. But that built-in camera can do a lot more than just snap selfies.

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5 marketing trends and how MR must respond
By Brian Fletcher                            

As 2014 rolls right along, it's filled with great promise and opportunity, as well as great challenges. With advances in technology, psychology, data collection and the manner in which we understand consumer behavior, it's important, as marketing researchers, that we do more than just track buyers. We need to make it a priority to understand the industry as a whole - and that includes understanding ourselves. This year, as in past years, Insights in Marketing LLC committed to taking stock of what we, as marketers, learned in 2013.

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The Social Side of Research
Ideas and insights on MR from around the Web

The Quirk's e-newsletter regularly highlights a handful of active and intriguing discussions from LinkedIn and other forums around the Web so you can stay on top of the research scuttlebutt as it's happening. Here are four popular discussions from the past few weeks. More details after the jump. Comments have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Are you inspired by what you do?
Posted by Michele Zwillinger in QRCA Qualitative Research Discussion

Examples of markets that can only be reached by qualitative research?
Posted by Emily Slee in The Marketing Research & Insights Group

Do we need insights or optimization?
Posted by Paul Comer in Consumer Insights Interest Group

Immersion/day-in-the-life-of research among kids
Posted by Rudy Ebueng in QRCA Qualitative Research Discussion

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Research War Stories: One woman, anxious to try it, began to take off her pantyhose...


Michele Zwillinger tells of a focus group where she advised the female participants that there were people behind the one-way mirror. About 20 minutes later, Zwillinger offered the participants the opportunity to try a new product designed for their feet.




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