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The Researcher's Bookshelf: Auto Brand - Building Successful Car Brands for the Future

Five key takeaways from IIeX Europe

Live feeds and confessionals: Video brings qualitative insights to life

The Social Side of Research

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Research War Stories: 'The bologna part of the cow'...

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The Researcher's Bookshelf: Auto Brand - Building Successful Car Brands for the Future 

What's driving the changes in car-buyer behavior?  
By Anders Parment 

In his new book, Auto Brand - Building Successful Car Brands for the Future, Anders Parment discusses how the leading car brands have survived the challenges of globalization, increasing safety requirements, scarce oil supplies, ever-growing competition and environmental concerns - and thrived. Based on original research, Parment charts the shift from over 40 leading car makers in 1970 to the current 10. This article, adapted and edited from a chapter in the book, discusses the car buying process based on recent research and puts the process into a broader framework where car makers and their dealers can relate the insights to their own business models and strengths, thus identifying potential improvements in their dealings with customers.

Regardless of age, consumers now have more power than ever in relation to companies. Most companies now offer customer call centers, customer care programs, generous return policies, extended warranties and other services, created and run either to gain a competitive advantage, thus driving operating costs and customer expectations, or to avoid being competitively disadvantaged.


Five key takeaways from IIeX Europe 
By Lucy Davison 
I am just back from a fast-paced, jam-packed two days in Amsterdam at the first Insight Innovation eXchange Conference on European soil.  

It's difficult to distill the information when in two days there were upwards of 40 sessions a day of mostly 20-minute durations (some shorter), with at least 15 parallel sessions. Like many attendees, I wanted to be in several places at the same time - although following the lively Twitter feed did relieve my room envy - but I decided to focus on what was most memorable for my article. 



Live feeds and confessionals: Video brings qualitative insights to life

By Ed Knopp                         


So how do you generate better corporate buy-in for the results you get from qualitative research? As client-side researchers know, better collaboration and involvement with your internal clients is key. To create internal advocates, your client's initial input to the research design will never be enough and their participation in the fieldwork and seeing respondents talking with passion and emotion is a crucial tool. That kind of involvement makes the final presentation meaningful to them, as they eagerly draw upon their own recollections of the fieldwork they attended and nod in collective approval of the story you tell and the recommendations you make. 


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The Social Side of Research
Ideas and insights on MR from around the Web

The Quirk's e-newsletter regularly highlights a handful of active and intriguing discussions from LinkedIn and other forums around the Web so you can stay on top of the research scuttlebutt as it's happening. Here are four popular discussions from the past few weeks. More details after the jump. Comments have been edited for clarity and brevity.


What's your favorite online survey app? And why?
Posted by Ray Osborne in The Marketing Research & Insights Group

Data collection methodologies in emerging markets 

Posted by Deepak Rajgarhia in Consumer Insights Interest Group

When and when not use qualitative software for analysis
Posted by Mona Pearce in QRCA Qualitative Research Discussion

Problems with MR project length
Posted by Tamuna Babukhadia in Market Research Professionals 

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Research War Stories: 'The bologna part of the cow'...
Moderator Saul Cohen tells about a female participant in a focus group on luncheon meats who, when asked "Where do you think bologna comes from?" convincingly stated that it came from "the bologna part of the cow."

Shelton, Conn., research company SSI has launched SSI B2B  inSSItes™, a business sample source designed to segment respondents' demographic, geographic and professional data and combine live telephone interviewing with LinkedIn data and other proprietary procedures for respondent verification. SSI B2B inSSItes™ is available in the U.S., with plans to expand to major markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific this year.
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