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Consumers take online reviews with a grain of salt

Why respondents suffer if you're not mobile-ready

How to quantify the ROI of your B2B marketing collateral

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Research War Stories: 'This is a business expense!'


Consumers take online reviews with a grain of salt     
By David Ensing                  


Now more than ever, online ratings sites are an important part of consumers' purchase decisions. How many times have you searched for a review about a product you were thinking of buying, a hotel where you might be staying or a restaurant where you could be eating?


As the importance of positive online ratings grows, so has the incentive for businesses to make sure they are portrayed well at these sites. Most businesses do this properly - by improving the customer experience. But some businesses seem to take the late W.C. Fields' approach: If a thing is worth having, it's worth cheating for.


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Foresight & Trends

Why respondents suffer if you're not mobile-ready
By Kurt Knapton


If you knew that 25 percent of your prospective customers encountered a locked door or a busy signal when trying to reach your company, would you be concerned? If you knew that 25 percent of your company's Web site visitors received an "under construction" message, would you be alarmed? And what if I were to tell you that one-fourth of survey respondents today attempt to take online surveys from a mobile device but very few market research firms have designed mobile-ready surveys?  


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How to quantify the ROI of your B2B marketing collateral  

By V. Kanchana


Marketing communications managers in the B2B space face a strategic decision each time they select marketing collateral for generating leads and effective sales conversion. Many people feel that the value of marketing collateral cannot be measured and quantified since it is more of an art than science. However, with the advent of new measuring techniques, B2B companies can quantify the ROI of marketing collateral used in sales development. This article provides an overview of some of the various techniques used to do so.


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The Social Side of Research
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Here are four popular discussions from the past few weeks. More details after the jump. Comments have been edited for clarity and brevity.


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Breaking into the marketing research field
Posted by
Bazi Ahmed in Marketing Research Association

Modeling the drivers of Net Promoter Score
Posted by Emily Goon in Market Research Professionals   

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   Data Marketing

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UNICOM is hosting a big data conference on December 5 in London.
This conference revisits the first wave of big data and then provides insights into the issues of the second wave of big data which are challenging the professional and business community.

For more information and to register visit
Research War Stories: 'This is a business expense!'
Ellen Karp recalls working on a project concerning AIDS. In preparation for upcoming interviewing, she visited a pharmacy, which happened to be very busy at the time, to purchase a large number of condoms. In the aisle displaying the condoms, she merrily selected a wide variety of product, placing it in her basket as other shoppers either admired her with smiles or threw her disdainful looks.


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