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Research on researchers: Where do you fit?

Avoid 'surprises' with a comprehensive research plan

Beyond mere customer retention

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Research War Stories: 'Is there a bitch in your home?'

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Mechanic, Discoverer, Strategist: Which MR label fits you?

By Emily Goon


At Quirk's, we often - jokingly and affectionately - refer to researchers' inherent curiosity as being nosy by nature. In the history of our publications, articles that feature research on research have always drawn a large and enthusiastic audience. So when Windsor Heights, Iowa, research company Quester approached us about producing a Webinar featuring research on researchers, we were thrilled to share the data with our readers.


Earlier in 2013, Quester conducted a pre-segmentation project using its BigQual software-based moderator solution to conduct one-on-one interviews with marketing researchers. Quester recruited 264 marketing research professionals from Quirk's Marketing Research & Insights LinkedIn Group in the hopes of uncovering some of the traits and personality types shared by researchers. That information would then be used to identify and define various segments, with the goal of helping researchers determine how and where they fit in among their peers.


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Avoid 'surprises' with a comprehensive research plan
By Noel Roos              


Good research is more than the sum of its parts - it's what makes a solid brand and a solid company.


Think about this statement the next time your company (or a company you know) finds itself in a situation where there is a sudden, escalating problem that was not predicted. Why didn't you know what was coming? How could you have been better prepared? How can you track trends and capitalize on them as a company instead of putting out fires?

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Marcus Evans

Beyond mere customer retention 
By Chris Parcenka

The August issue of Quirk's features a focus on the utilities industry. Creating customer advocates can be especially important for a company in a regulated industry such as energy/utilities. From our archives, this article discusses how without customer advocates, or in situations where customers feel unfavorably toward an energy concern, utilities can suffer a variety of negative consequences, including increased business costs, lawsuits, fines and construction delays.

In today's competitive world, the measurement and modeling of customer loyalty has become a valuable management tool for companies to better ensure that they remain competitive and maintain, or better yet, expand their current customer relationships. However, measuring customer loyalty in an industry where many customers don't have a choice of providers doesn't make sense...or does it? The answer depends on how you define customer loyalty.

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CRC 2013

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   Marcus Evan Process Driven Innovation

Research War Stories: 'Is there a bitch in your home?'

Finding the right wording for telephone interviewing and recruiting can be tricky! A story once circulated about a British market research firm that conducted a telephone survey in the U.S. for its client, a company producing a birth control product for dogs. To obtain qualified households, the research company, not quite versed in the American idiom, instructed interviewers to introduce themselves and then ask "Is there a bitch in your home?


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