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Making the best of 'bad' research news

Gaming for gaming: Caesars expands rewards program with social media app

Five years of data: Quirk's annual salary survey of corporate researchers

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Research War Stories: 'I have never, ever put my number into any computer!'

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Making the best of 'bad' research news

By Jennifer Karsh

We've all been there. You're testing a new product and the focus group participants are loving it. They are telling you that this new product will change their lives and they can't wait until it hits the market. The participants are practically pulling out their wallets as you conclude the group and say goodbye. You walk to the back room where the client team members are smiling ear-to-ear and ready to high-five you. You enjoy the temporary hero status.


As someone who works in qualitative research, you know that days like this are the exception rather than the rule. But whether the future of a product you're examining is in the marketplace or the bottom of a file drawer, the feedback from focus groups is always relevant and it's our job as researchers to present the news - good or (seemingly) bad - in a way that helps complete the brand picture. Sometimes, that means focusing on the negative.

Webinar: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 12:00 PM CDT
research now Mobile
Because mobile devices are so deeply integrated into our daily lives, they should be treated as something more than just a survey tool. 
Through a variety of case studies, you will learn how consumers are willing to provide survey and behavioral-based insights information about how mobile is re-shaping their daily path to purchase.
Gaming for gaming: Caesars expands rewards program with social media app 
By Ed Jessup            


Social network gaming has created a new frontier that allows marketers a virtual landscape to reach their audience. According to a 2012 report by the Casual Games Association, the social network gaming audience in the United States increased 36 percent from 57.5 million in 2010 to 77.9 million in 2012. Because advertising in social network games is relatively new territory, it's easy to understand why companies are reluctant to invest too much energy into it but expending too little might prove damaging at worst, ineffective at best. 

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Webinar: Wednesday, July 24, 1:00 p.m. CDT
Peter Gold, CEO, VeraQuest & Lisa Wilding-Brown, VP Global Panel & Sampling Operations, uSamp offer tips for obtaining quality data. 

During this Webinar, they will share some of their experiences in the field and offer up five tips for optimizing your data quality.

Five years of data: Quirk's annual salary survey of corporate researchers 

The June issue of Quirk's includes a report on our fifth-annual salary survey of corporate researchers. Take a moment to look back in our archives at the data from the previous four years to see how the industry has changed.

2012: Happy (mostly) to be here  


2011: Job security, professional insecurity  


2010: Stable earnings, wandering eye? 


2009: Bucking the tide  

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Research War Stories: 'I have never, ever put my number into any computer!'

Mike Halberstam reports that an elderly female respondent contacted in a telephone survey asked how she was selected to be called. The interviewer advised her that her number came out of a computer. The indignant woman complained "That's ridiculous! I have never, ever put my number into any computer!"   


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