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If insights are so important, why isn't MR valued more highly?

Marketing research trends to watch in 2013

Seeking competitive advantage in launching a pharmaceutical product

Managing mobile research: How it's different and why it matters

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Research War Stories: He always wanted to be a killer marketer...

Product Spotlight: Quester Segmentation

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If insights are so important, why isn't MR valued more highly?

By Edward Appleton                        

One question has been niggling at the back of my mind for many months: If the voice of the customer is so centrally important to the survival of companies in a vast range of industries, why isn't marketing research valued more highly?

The squeeze on MR budgets is unrelenting, which is understandable in times of widespread economic stagnation but surprising given the strategic importance of insights to all innovation processes.


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Marketing research trends to watch in 2013

By Brian Fletcher        

As a marketing research consultant, my finger constantly rests on the pulse of the consumer but sometimes it is still a challenge for my team and me to take the pulse of our own industry. Better put: We're great at studying buyers; studying the firms that study buyers is more complex.  


So to better understand the MR industry, Insights in Marketing LLC set out to research the researchers and devise a list of the top six marketing research trends we foresee gaining momentum in 2013. Want to know how to navigate them? Read on.



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Seeking competitive advantage in launching a pharmaceutical product
By Michael Latta

The March issue of Quirk's features a focus on pharmaceutical research. From our archives, this article suggests that
aunching a new pharmaceutical product requires a coordinated process and must involve marketing research. Using AstraZeneca's launch of its Faslodex product, the author explains how a team approach can work well.  


In today's hypercompetitive business climate, the only viable strategies come from primary marketing research. The use of primary marketing research across the product life cycle is necessary to find competitive advantage, which will be defined below as the intersection of market focus, company flexibility and willingness to sacrifice parts of the market to husband resources.


This article will explore the successful development and launch of Faslodex by AstraZeneca - which was supported by primary marketing research throughout product development and at launch - as an excellent example of how to use marketing research in crafting and executing strategic marketing plans.


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Managing mobile research: How it's different and why it matters

By Dinaz Kachhi-Jiwani, Jacob Tucker and Lisa Wilding-Brown


In 2011, mobile was considered an emerging data collection method. The following year, the research industry began to overcome the challenges of mobile's high cost and limited reach and witnessed a surge in adoption. More sophisticated technology and affordable pricing increased smartphone penetration and mobile as a mode for data collection could go where in-person, telephone and online research could not - engaging respondents on-the-go to gather in-the-moment insights. As mobile research continues to gain momentum, it is critical to understand the types of research for which it is best suited.



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Research War Stories: He always wanted to be a killer marketer...

Marketer Peter Rich recalls a time early in his career when he was involved with home placement of a frozen product. He was at the airport at a central California city, awaiting delivery of the product, which was packaged in a special version of dry ice to keep it from spoiling. Along with the product, also being transported in the baggage hold on that flight was a dog who'd just won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club. 

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Pharma Marketing

*** segmentation

Diving deeper

New methodology to help profile consumers and target products Quester logo


Quester, a Windsor Heights, Iowa, research company, has debuted Quester Segmentation, a segmentation and customer-profiling methodology designed to dive deeper into consumer segments. The methodology uses Quester's multilingual, software-based interviewing and text analytics platform to capture feedback from thousands of consumers within specific or all consumer segments.


Quester Segmentation aims to enable users to develop products/innovations to satisfy current/future needs of specific consumer segments; increase the depth and understanding of customer segments for defined and targeted marketing; and expand the reach into their consumer base and amplify their stories, ideas, emotions and more.

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