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Facebook Graphs: Charting a new course for MR recruiting?

Hashtags dominate national Super Bowl ad spots #sorryfacebook

How to make your groups senior-friendly

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Research War Stories: The man allowed his robe to open...

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Facebook Graphs: Charting a new course for MR recruiting?  
By Lorin Drake                      


If you follow social media, you're probably aware of Facebook's most recent announcement. To summarize, the data wizards at Facebook have devised a way to catalog, find and organize the legions of information Facebook keeps on its members. Facebook is calling this new feature Graph Search, a derivative of what Mark Zuckerberg calls the world of interconnected people online: the Social Graph.


At face value, this is actually a fascinating and ambitious undertaking and the implications and advantages are still being uncovered. After all, there is no company on Earth that has more personal data on us than Facebook.


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Hashtags dominate national Super Bowl ad spots #sorryfacebook

By Quirk's Staff      


Integrating social media into traditional ad campaigns can seem an overwhelming task. From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, it's hard to narrow down one call-to-action for viewers, especially on TV, where space is extremely limited. But if the national ad spots from Super Bowl XLVII are any indication of social media popularity and efficacy, it's Twitter's world and we're all just living in it.



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How to make your groups senior-friendly
By Marilyn Richards

The February issue of Quirk's features a focus on special markets and audiences. From our archives, this article provides concrete advice on how to tailor the focus group process to mature respondents, including tips on paying incentives, the availability of restrooms and the kinds of meals and snacks to serve.    


Not so long ago it was fairly routine for clients to specify that anyone over the age of 54 be screened out during the recruiting process. It used to be, "Well, thank you, those are all my questions," or the not-too-subtle, "Oh, I'm sorry, that quota has already been filled."


But you and I both know that those in that "dreaded" age range inferred: "Sorry, you're too old and out of the mainstream to participate in our study." Of course, we never meant to imply any such thing, but almost certainly this is the message that was sent and received.

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Research War Stories: The man allowed his robe to open...

Soliciting research respondents in person can be a task riddled with the unexpected. Alice Strauss remembers conducting a door-to-door interview early in her career. She was having a difficult time filling her quota of males, when finally she found someone qualified. As she was conducting the interview in the living room, the man allowed his robe to open, revealing his toned, naked body.

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Share your opinions about market research software and technology for the Confirmit 2012 Technology Survey, carried out by meaning ltd. This annual study has been providing benchmark and trend data for the research industry since 2004. As in previous years, Quirk's will be covering findings from the survey later in the year.  
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