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Custom classifications help brands get granular with social intelligence

Must-read books for marketing researchers

Ethnography from the client's perspective

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Research War Stories: 'My typewriter doesn't have Roman numerals'

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Custom classifications help brands get granular with social intelligence 
By Jasper Snyder                     

The early history of social intelligence will show that corporations were initially only interested in what consumers were saying about their brands from a public relations or reputation perspective. They wanted to know how much conversation there was, where it was taking place and - on a very general level - how their brand was perceived in social media conversation. Tools for this type of information provided every user with the same basic set of analyses and weren't tailored to exact industries, models or functional areas within a business.


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Must-read books for marketing researchers

By Quirk's Staff  


Last year, Quirk's asked the members of its Marketing Research & Insights LinkedIn group, "What books should a marketing researcher be required to read?" And researchers, you answered! We received over 75 recommendations for must-read books - from how to master PowerPoint to how to decipher the human brain.


Below is the compiled list with the titles grouped broadly by topic. Additionally, if the LinkedIn member who suggested the book provided reasoning as to why it's a must-read, we've included that as well.


We realize this list is not exhaustive! To suggest additional books, e-mail us at We'll post periodic updates to keep up with new and noteworthy titles. For more information or to make a purchase through Amazon, just click on the title!



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Ethnography from the client's perspective
By Judith Langer and Jon Last

The February issue of Quirk's features a focus on ethnographic research. In this article from our archives, the authors interviewed 26 researchers to explore how they use ethnographic research. Most found the method valuable but expressed concerns over cost, timing and the difficulties of getting management buy-in. They also disagreed over who is best suited to lead an ethnographic research project - a moderator, an anthropologist/ethnographer or clients themselves.  


Rather than rely on hypothetical statements concerning the value of ethnography, we decided to ask research buyers for their opinions. The rationale was simple: clients have no vested interest in promoting specific research techniques, they just want methods that do the job. This study is a follow-up on one we conducted among clients in 2003 in which we found that the impending "death of focus groups" was premature and, at the same time, that interest in ethnography was definitely growing.


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Research War Stories: 'My typewriter doesn't have Roman numerals'

While dealing with an insurance matter, one anonymous marketer reported receiving a form back from the insurance company with the name of the insured listed as (we're using a fictitious name here) "John Smith The Second." The marketer contacted the insurance company and was directed to the clerk who prepared the form.

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Is MR technology your thing? Add your insights to the annual MR software survey! 

Share your opinions about market research software and technology for the Confirmit 2012 Technology Survey, carried out by meaning ltd. This annual study has been providing benchmark and trend data for the research industry since 2004. As in previous years, Quirk's will be covering findings from the survey later in the year.  
The survey is open to all involved in technology or technology-related decisions within research companies in the U.S. and around the world. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Take the survey now!

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