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How Nate Silver did it

10 tips for conducting better product research with clinicians

Built well to work well

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Research War Stories: 'In what state do you practice?'

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How Nate Silver did it  
By Michael Lieberman                      

During the 2012 election, Nate Silver drew fire for his projections.


Joe Scarborough, the conservative host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, attacked Silver during the election and called him a "one-term" celebrity, saying, "For all the confidence Silver puts in his predictions, he often gives the impression of hedging." (Later, Silver replied that Politico covers politics like sports but "not in an intelligent way at all.")


But in the end, Silver beat them all. (And Scarborough eventually apologized, sort of, acknowledging that Silver did get it right.)


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10 tips for conducting better product research with clinicians

By Joe Kalinowski 


So maybe you're the second coming of Steve Jobs. You know what consumers will need, even though they don't know they'll need it. However, that approach to new-product definition is very rarely successful. In fact, Jobs is now known to have done extensive market research with consumers before going to market. Likewise, you need to somehow discover what consumers want (i.e., what will sell).



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Built well to work well 
By Michael J. Britten

The January issue of Quirk's features a focus on mystery shopping. From our archives, this article discusses why the various groups within a company that will be using a mystery shopping program must agree on many things at the outset, such as what the program will measure, how the information will be used and how the program will be organized.


The value of mystery shopping as a management tool seems to be unquestionable. The increasing numbers of businesses that use internal or external shopping programs and the variety of businesses that utilize mystery shopping speak well to its value. However, value is dependent on program design. This article supports the proposition that mystery shopping can provide both operational and strategic data if designed to do so. Without forethought and careful planning, mystery shopping will be a step or two short of reaching its potential as a value-added business tool.

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Marcus Evans Consumer Insights Conference  

Research War Stories: 'In what state do you practice?'

Tara J. Abrams recalls mail studies she used to conduct in the pharmaceutical field, where physicians were asked, "In what state do you practice?" Some of the write-in answers were: "Denial," "Confusion" and "Psychosis."

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