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How to add innovation to your corporate research team

Copernicus for marketing research: Job titles in 2015

Should an online interview be fun?

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Research War Stories: The dog had promptly died...

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How to add innovation to your corporate research team  
By Scott Aaron                     

During my time as a client-side leader of a consumer research team at Luxottica Retail in Cincinnati, there was one challenge that would be presented periodically. It was usually framed as, "We all are going to have as an objective this year to do at least one project that is innovative in each functional area." This kind of challenge usually came from the general manager or vice president of marketing level and applied to all groups or teams on the business. Now, as researchers, we can meet this challenge a few different ways.

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Copernicus for marketing research: Job titles in 2015
By Kathryn Korostoff


In the 16th century, a mathematician, astronomer and Catholic cleric named Nicolas Copernicus made a statement that seemed, at the time, pretty audacious: "What if," he posited, "the sun is actually the center of our solar system, rather than the Earth?" Completely breaking from conventional thinking, he started a revolution in how humans viewed their place in the universe with one bold statement. This is the time of year for market research industry predictions but too many end-of-year articles bombard us with recycled past predictions, seasoned with a dash of the painfully obvious. Wouldn't it be better if each pontificator were allowed only one bold statement?  



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Should an online interview be fun?
By Stefan Althoff and Bill MacElroy

The January issue of Quirk's features a focus on Internet and online research. From our archives, this article outlines a research-on-research project that looked at the impact of adding interactive elements to surveys and found that, when applied judiciously, a little technology can go a long way toward making surveys fun to take.


Why do people surf the Internet? Many go to hunt for information, to shop or do online banking. In the end, the search for entertainment - in the widest sense - is often most important. Online games or sites like YouTube are popular. To meet other people, even in a cyber sense, is another motivation. The value of entertainment extends to the ad realm, where ads that are perceived as funny are often judged to be more effective than those that don't elicit laughs.

Of course, this is different in the online market research world because of the self-administration aspect: The e-mail invitation and the questionnaire must motivate the potential participant. This is the same with registered online panel members: The registration in the panel and the general interview willingness are not enough.

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Research War Stories: The dog had promptly died...

Carl McDaniel was testing two versions (canned and semi-moist) of dog food especially formulated for older, less active dogs. Consumers were supposed to feed their dog semi-moist for five days and then canned for five days to see which the dog preferred. On the first day of the test a woman from Philadelphia called, alternating between hysteria and extreme anger.

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