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Sell vs. Sale: How businesses can stay alive alongside tech-enabled shoppers

Mobile's big holiday play: consumer trends and attitudes

Adding 'prosumers' to your groups can provide a creative boost

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Research War Stories: All of the games tumbled to the floor...

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Sell vs. Sale: How businesses can stay alive alongside tech-enabled shoppers 
By Robert Sinclair                    

As many brick-and-mortar retailers are figuring out how to contend with Internet competitors, establish a balance between their own online presence and existing physical locations and survive five years in an anemic economy, there's a lot of moaning going on these days among retailers regarding smartphone technology. The widespread adoption of smartphones, along with the plethora of shopping apps available, has introduced a new challenge to retailers: showrooming.

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Mobile's big holiday play: consumer trends and attitudes
By Dinaz Kachhi and Fan Dong


Retailers are in the throes of the most exciting and critical time of the year: the holidays. From big-box stores to mom-and-pop shops, everyone is sharpening their strategies in attempt to make big numbers. Needless to say, all hands are on deck to find the most direct path to customers. To that end, mobile has been the focus of many big brands as it is an effective medium for targeting shoppers in the moment, influencing purchase decisions and further simplifying transactions. While retailers can more accurately target shoppers through mobile (via location and demographic information), shoppers can use mobile to compare prices and find good deals. Smartphones truly bring the world to shoppers' fingertips.



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Adding 'prosumers' to your groups can provide a creative boost
By Steve Richardson

The December issue of Quirk's features a focus on qualitative research. From our archives, this article addresses how including - rather than excluding - marketing professionals normally screened out of focus groups can lead to breakthroughs.
A number of years ago, British Airways was looking to challenge American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic for dominance of business-class travel on the airlines' transatlantic routes. The qualitative research being conducted with consumers was not getting the research team the kind of insights they were seeking. They decided they would need to shake things up if they were going to achieve any breakthroughs that would help British Airways differentiate its business-class travel experience.

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Research War Stories: All of the games tumbled to the floor...

Donna Tinari-Siegfried reports doing a series of focus groups with children on lighted pegboard toys. The sessions were audio and videotaped and after the first evening's session her clients left for dinner. Siegfried planned to join them after cleaning up a few things. She went into the focus room and to her horror, tripped over an electric cord. All of the games tumbled to the floor, with hundreds of colored pieces, arranged into intricate designs, flying from the pegboards. 

Marcus Evans Fiancial

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