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A marketer's guide to proposed COPPA changes

Researchers, are you at risk? The dangers of prolonged sitting

How to make sure your physician surveys are giving you accurate information

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Research War Stories: 'He doesn't have many friends!'

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A marketer's guide to proposed COPPA changes   

By Emily Goon                          


Recent estimates have placed children's buying power and purchase influence in the tens of billions of dollars. Given that number, it's no surprise that many marketers and advertisers are clamoring for their piece of the pie. However, with rapid technological advancements in online marketing via targeted advertising and behavioral profiling, watchdog groups have voiced concerns about protecting children from invasive marketing practices and shielding them from the data-gathering techniques that allow marketers to profile and target users on the Web.  


Leading the charge in defense of a child's right to privacy online is the U.S. government, as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed changes to its Children's Online Privacy Protection Act that "could greatly increase the need for children's sites to obtain parental permission for some practices that are now popular - like using cookies to track users' activities around the Web over time," according to Natasha Singer's September 27 article, "U.S. Is Tightening Web Privacy Rule to Shield Young," in The New York Times.


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Researchers, are you at risk? The dangers of prolonged sitting
By Charlene Randall 


Conducting interviews. Flying on planes. Observing focus groups. Fielding projects. If you are doing any number of these, chances are you may be putting yourself at risk by sitting more than you realize. Researchers now say, regardless of whether you exercise regularly, sitting too long too often can lead to a number of health problems and even premature death. It's important that you know the dangers involved in prolonged sitting and some easy tips you can follow to protect yourself.   


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How to make sure your physician surveys are giving you accurate information
By Andrew Aprill and Matt Campion

The October issue of Quirk's features a focus on health care research. From our archives, this article discusses how three parties (the doctors, the client company and the research vendor) are responsible for ensuring data quality in online research with physicians. It also outlines steps to follow to ensure that each stakeholder holds up their end of the bargain.

Remember that big decision you made last week and the physician-based market research findings that influenced your decision-making? Did you ever stop to wonder who answered your survey questions and if they provided thoughtful responses? As pharmaceutical market research continues its rapid migration to online surveys, data quality is increasingly being questioned by end users. We applaud this scrutiny and offer the following systematic approach to maximizing the quality of physician-based survey data.

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Research War Stories: 'He doesn't have many friends!'

Sometimes respondents put each other in their places. Sig Saltz recalls attending a focus group on mouthwash where it became obvious that one particular respondent might be a problem. The hostess had complained about his demeanor during check-in and at times he appeared to be scowling during the session. After about an hour he finally offered a contribution, in a rather gruff voice, "On Friday nights I have friends over for poker. Before we begin, I put a bottle of mouthwash on the card table and tell them they'd better use it!"

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Brett Hagins and Melanie Courtright will present.

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