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July-August 2015
Wanted: Your Home-Grown Produce
Various vegetables
     The drought is making fruits and vegetables scarcer and more expensive. As a consequence, food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens are really short of produce. If your garden or home orchard generates more food than your household can use, please share with community members in need. Even small quantities are appreciated!
     Firm produce which can survive several days without refrigeration is best. Use a cardboard box or other sturdy container to protect against bruising. Your produce will be Apples on a treewelcomed at Second Harvest and many other nonprofits. (Call to confirm delivery hours at the other sites.)
     Harvesting and donating your fruit yourself is ideal. However, if you have a plentiful crop of fruit (six or more five-gallon paint buckets) and are unable to pick it yourself, Village Harvest volunteers may be available to gather and donate it for you. Email or call (888) 378-4841. (With more volunteers, Village Harvest could glean even more fruit from community backyards; see below if you might be interested in volunteering.)

News You Can Use

Treating Insomnia
Moon & clouds at night      When compared to treatment with sleeping pills, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) does a better job - particularly in the long-term - of helping people who frequently have trouble sleeping. Learn more about the effectiveness of CBT and pills, and link to a very affordable online CBT program.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Bathroom sink and toilet      How dangerously germy are public toilet seats?
     Why do water treatment companies hate your "flushable" bathroom wipes?
     How well do people wash their hands in public restrooms?
     Why should you avoid antibacterial soaps?
     How does using hand sanitizer compare to washing? What is the best type of sanitizer?

Anxious Kids
 Close-up of girl looking down     When a child is worried, simply saying "It's gonna be OK" or "You'll do fine" may not do much to relieve his or her anxiety. Here are 13 better techniques for calming fears and instilling confidence.

Medicare Complaints
  Medicare logo with US flag      Livanta is an organization directed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to review quality concerns. If you feel the service you received as a Medicare beneficiary did not match your medical needs, lasted too briefly, or was of poor quality, you can request a review. Assistance is available in a variety of languages.

Picture 2,000 Calories
Table place setting with a question mark      Have you ever wondered what 2,000 calories looks like? Check out these photos of orders from P.F. Chang, Chipotle, Burger King, the Olive Garden, and other popular eateries. We think the final image may inspire you to cook at home more often!
     If so, you will find easy recipes in "Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day." Experienced home cooks will want to dive right in, but novice chefs may appreciate the first few pages of guidance. In addition, if you skipped over "Easy-Peasy Meals" in the February PlaneTalk, revisit it for an entire week of fast, affordable, and delicious food.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism awareness ribbon      After reviewing research on therapies for autistic kids age 12 and younger, an independent team of doctors, patients, and researchers has issued guides for parents and physicians. For information on the most effective behavioral programs, read the team's summary or full report, which compares various behavioral approaches.
Be a Fruity Friend!
Oranges on a tree
     Have you been looking for just the right volunteer opportunity? Consider Village Harvest, featured in our lead story above. Their teams harvest in many areas of the South Bay on weekend and weekday mornings.
     Depending on whether you prefer to stay indoors or be physically active out in the fresh air, you could be a -
  • Harvest Planner: from your home by phone and email, coordinate arrangements for a harvest
  • Picker: harvest fruit with a team (you choose how often and when)
  • Harvest Leader: guide a volunteer crew and interact with home owners
  • Support Volunteer: help with communications, marketing, IT, or other tasks
     Learn how you can help.
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News You Can Use
Be a Fruity Friend!
Breast & Ovarian Cancer...
Save the Date!
Miniatures of a mallard duck family
    Fun for everyone from 4 to 94, the Showcase of Miniatures is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a big way. The show's blog has gorgeous photos of miniatures by artisans who will be there, while the show website has details about each day's activities.
    Plan to enjoy the third largest miniature show in the U.S. on October 10 and 11. The Showcase is the annual fundraiser for PlaneTree Health Library.




    All events are open to the public. Some require registration.
.  * Fee for participation

Living well with a chronic condition (6-week classes begin)
.  Gilroy - Thurs., July 9
Sunnyvale - Fri., July 10
.  Milpitas - Tues., July 14
San Jose - Mon., Aug. 17
Santa Clara - Thurs., Sept. 17

Talking with kids about difficult issues
Santa Clara - Tues., July 7

Nutrition tips for dementia caregivers
Sunnyvale - Wed., July 8

Keeping your child safe on the Internet
Los Altos - Sat., July 11

Film & discussion about sugar & nutritional guidelines
Sunnyvale - Tues., July 14


Pain-free computer use

Sunnyvale - Tues., July 14

Being an effective healthcare advocate for yourself or a loved one (scroll to p. 7)
Mountain View - Sat., July 18

Summer camp for kids with asthma*
San Jose - begins Mon., July 20

Autism safety fair
San Jose - Sat., July 25


Complementary therapies during & after cancer treatment*
Palo Alto - Sat., Aug. 1

When parents disagree
Santa Clara - Tues., Aug. 4


Living with a mental illness
Mountain View - Wed., Aug. 5

Fitness for seniors
Mountain View - Wed., Aug. 12

Recognizing & responding to suicidal individuals
Mountain View - Thurs., Aug. 13

Living with cancer as a chronic condition (scroll to page 7)
Mountain View - Sat., Aug. 15

Preparing your dog for baby's arrival
Sunnyvale - Tues., Sept. 1 

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Breast & Ovarian Cancer...
Hands on a laptop keyboard
...patients, survivors, and their caregivers are invited to share their experiences in Bay Area Cancer Connections' annual essay contest.
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