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September 2014
National Conference in South Bay
Celebrate Thriving!
     Are you facing, or have you faced, serious illness as a patient, family member, or health care professional? Regardless of the diagnosis, you are invited to learn, be inspired, and connect with others at the 33rd "Cancer as a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving" conference.
     Focused on healing mind and spirit, Saturday's program will be preceded on Friday night with an exploration of the therapeutic environments created by imagery and music. 
Healing Journeys logo      The Healing Journeys organization has presented 33 of these conferences across the nation over the past 20 years. Happily for South Bay residents, this September 6 event will be held in Campbell.
     Pre-registration is required; lunch orders must be received by September 1. Both events are free to everyone, except health care professionals receiving continuing education credits.
Self-Care for Care-Givers
     If you care for an ill or disabled loved one, you may be feeling stressed, isolated, or exhausted. Finding time for yourself can be especially challenging.
     Meditating for a few minutes every day can refresh your spirit and help you maintain your balance. Learn how to meditate - in an online community of other care-givers - Empathy & Compassion in Society logo with "Caring for Others - Caring for Ourselves." This 8-week course offered by the Spiritual Care Programme will address the emotional challenges of care-giving and provide resources for healing difficult relationships.
     Professionals working in health care, mental health, social work, and chaplaincy may be interested in two related events: "Cultivating Compassionate Presence," an online class (with CE credits for nurses), and the third annual "Empathy and Compassion in Society" conference.
     Based on Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the practices taught by the nonprofit Spiritual Care Programme are non-denominational. There is a fee for each activity.
News You Can Use

Happy Feet (& Tails)
      If you are a runner, nothing is more important The lower legs of a runner with a dog to your exercise regime than maintaining your feet. Here are tips on shoe selection, cross-training, coping with minor injuries, and more.
     If you sometimes jog with a four-footed companion, keep your dog healthy and happy during your jaunts together.


      Consumer Reports recently reviewed sleeping pill safety and effectiveness. Numerous lifestyle approaches to Woman turning of an alarm clockimproving sleep are described first. If you remain desperate for sleep even after implementing these changes, a "Best Buy" prescription drug is also suggested. The article begins with this summary.


Kids with Allergies or Asthma
Kids getting on school bus      If your child has asthma or a serious allergy, enlist the help of his or her teacher and other school staff in managing the condition now, as a new school year starts. Use this checklist to ensure measures are in place for minimizing hazards to your child's health and dealing with emergencies.


Expensive Insurance Pitfalls
Coin dropping into a piggy bank      Avoiding these eight mistakes often made by health insurance consumers will save big bucks on your out-of-pocket medical costs.
     If you are approaching 65 years of age and unclear about the basics of Medicare, now is a good time to start learning. You will especially want to know when you should sign up; tardy enrollment will make your monthly premiums more costly - permanently.


Prescription Pain Relievers
     Appropriately prescribed and used, narcotic drugs - oxycodone (Oxycontin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine, morphine, and related medications - can provide much Pill spilling from a containerneeded relief from pain. Most people need and safely use these opioids for only a few days or weeks. Unfortunately, use occasionally leads to addiction or accidental overdosing.
     If you or a loved one takes a narcotic medication for acute (short-term) pain, learn how to avoid problems. The article also explains why experts now encourage chronic pain sufferers to use pain control measures other than opioids.
     If you are concerned that your or someone else's prescription drug use may have slipped into misuse, this overview will help you evaluate the situation and decide what steps to take.


A Balancing Act
Child's feet on scales      Parents with one thin and one overweight child may wonder how to manage food and physical activity in a way that promotes good health and healthy family relationships. Here is guidance.

In This Issue
Self-care for Caregivers
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    All events are open to the public; pre-registration may be required. There is a fee for events marked with an *asterisk. (For events marked with the ^ symbol, scroll down the linked web page.)

Fostering spirituality in everyday life*
Menlo Park - Sat., Sept. 6
Prostate cancer
Palo Alto - Sat., Sept. 6
Social boundaries for people with developmental disabilities *
San Jose (6-session class begins)
Ages 8-13: Sun., Sept. 7
Ages 14+: Mon. Sept. 8
Babies & sleep concerns
Mountain View - Tues., Sept. 9
Mountain View - Tues., Sept. 9
Men's health
Los Gatos - Tues., Sept. 9
Breast cancer
Palo Alto - Tues., Sept. 9
Psychiatric medications
San Jose - Wed., Sept. 10
Special education & IEP's
San Jose - Thurs., Sept. 11
Child car seat inspection*
Campbell - Sat., Sept. 13 (also in October)
San Jose - 6-session class begins Tues., Sept. 16
Healthy Indian cooking
Mountain View - Wed., Sept. 17
Palo Alto - Thurs., Sept. 18
Dementia, for caregivers
Sunnyvale - Thurs., Sept. 18
Autism conference *
Campbell - Sat., Sept. 20
Managing stress, for cancer patients & family (scroll to last page)
Mountain View - Sat., Sept. 20

Herbs, vitamins, & supplements
Sunnyvale - Tues., Sept. 23


Services for Cupertino seniors
Cupertino - Wed., Sept. 24


South Asians & heart disease ^ 

Stanford - Thurs., Sept. 25


Applying for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) * 

San Jose - Fri., Sept. 26


Forgiving others *^
Palo Alto - 4-session workshop begins Tues., Sept. 30 


Managing fatigue during cancer ^
Palo Alto - Thurs., Oct. 2 


Preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes ^
Stanford - Thurs., Oct. 2 

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