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May 2014
Foster or Adoptive Home Needed
Rainy Day Kitty

     A long-time PlaneTree volunteer needs a new home for her beloved pet.

     Rainy Day Kitty - so named because she and a good book are the perfect companions on a stormy day - is about six years old. A sweet and mellow short-hair, she is unafraid of strangers and content to stay indoors. She loves feathers, catnip, and hiding socks (though never hiding a pair together).

     For several months Rainy has been cared for in a less-than-ideal foster situation. She clearly misses regular companionship and having a lap to snuggle in.

     If you could take her into your heart and home on a permanent or extended temporary basis, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at the address listed at bottom.

PlaneTree-Ku Health Lecture
      The following presentation (in Mandarin only) will be free to the public PlaneTree Logo without name at the Cupertino Community Hall, next door to the Cupertino Library. Related reading materials in Traditional Chinese will be provided.
     Our co-sponsor is the S. Ku Foundation, which focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.
     Please share this flyer with friends and family.
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Jill Kuendig, M.F.T.
    2 p.m., Sunday, May 4
News You Can Use

Mental Sharpness & Memory Lapses
Image showing skeleton and brain      If you have wondered whether to believe ads claiming certain computer games or programs can maintain, or even improve, memory and cognition, this article will be of interest.

     What else can you do to keep your brain working well? Lots!

     If you are concerned about your or a loved one's memory, this article can help you distinguish between normal and worrisome forgetfulness. If reviewing the article heightens your concern, an expert diagnostic evaluation is of vital importance since many causes of memory loss are reversible. If you want to encourage a loved one to seek an evaluation, these tips may help you have a productive conversation.


Woman texting while at the wheel Texting While Driving
     Do you know someone who checks - or even writes - texts from behind the wheel? Ask them to watch this powerful 35-minute video with you.


Be Prepared 

     Imagine the following scenario: Your family is on vacation far from home when suddenly one of you becomes critically injured or ill. An advance health care directive exists - but Rushing gurney with patient it is unobtainable back at home.

     You and your loved ones can prevent this problem with one of these approaches:


--- Keep signed and scanned copies of directives in the cloud.

--- Use this inexpensive smart phone app to store and transmit directives. (A free version will handle one directive.)

--- Create and store directives for free in MyDirectives, a secure, HIPAA-compliant website.

--- If you choose to use California's directive registry, enclose a paper copy of your directive. It will be stored and provided to appropriate personnel upon request.


     Sharing access information with several family members or close friends will improve the odds of your directive being located quickly during a crisis. Your primary care physician should also have a copy.


Peanut Allergy Prevention
Peanut butter smeared on bread      The number of kids with severe peanut allergies more than tripled between 1997 and 2010. Researchers have debated whether exposure to peanuts in utero and during the first years of life makes allergic responses more or less likely. Here is the latest thinking.


Alzheimer's Drugs
Drug capsules      If you or a loved one has early-to-middle stage Alzheimer's disease, you and your doctor may have considered attempting to slow its progress with medication. Consumer Reports recently reviewed the drugs' effectiveness, side effects, and cost.


Does it really matter?
Graphic of people deciding Yes or No     Should mushrooms be washed?
     Are cool-down activities beneficial after strenuous exercise?
     Which organic foods are more likely to offer health benefits to consumers over conventionally grown?  

In This Issue
PlaneTree-Ku Health Lecture
News You Can Use
Breast or Ovarian Cancer
Woman in towel checking her breast
    Has your life been touched by breast or ovarian cancer, either as a survivor or caregiver? If you would like to share your thoughts or feelings about that experience, Breast Cancer Connections is having an essay contest.




Black-and-white striped butterfly on a flower
    All events are open to the public; pre-registration may be required. There is a fee for events marked with an *asterisk.
Type 2 diabetes (2-session class)
Mountain View - multiple dates
First aid training for kids
Multiple dates & locations in San Jose
Caregivers Count conference
Campbell - Sat., May 3
Funeral planning
San Jose - Tues., May 6
Osteoporosis exercise & education (4-session class begins)*
Los Gatos - Wed., May 7
Parenting when a parent or child has a mental illness (CE's available)
San Jose - Fri., May 9
South Asian health conference
Sunnyvale - Sat., May 10
Atrial fibrillation & stroke
Los Gatos - Mon, May 12
Parenting a spirited child
Mountain View - Tues., May 13
Cochlear implants
San Jose - Wed., May 14
Cancer genomics, biomarkers, & targeted therapies (scroll to last page)
Mountain View - Sat., May 17
.Wellness Fair
Los Gatos - Sun., May 18
Advance care planning
San Jose - Mon., May 19
Memory & dementia
Campbell - Mon., May 19
Cosmetic surgery
Sunnyvale - Tues., May 20
Cataract surgery
Cupertino - Wed., May 28
Senior health fair (CE's may be available)
Mountain View - Fri., May 30
Parenting kids with serious food allergies (4-session class begins)*
Los Altos - Fri., June 6
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