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January 2014
Tuesday, January 14
Shop for a Cause

     Gather your new recipes for healthy eating. Use up the bulk items in your cupboards. Check your toiletry supplies. Then stock up at Cupertino's Whole Foods Market on Tuesday, January 14! 
     By shopping the store's bounty that day, you will be

Whole Foods logo

helping fund PlaneTree Health Information Center @ the Cupertino Library. Our service has been selected as the beneficiary of the Cupertino store's "5% Day" next Tuesday. You can shop any time during open hours (8 a.m.-10 p.m.) to support PlaneTree.
     Special in-store programming will include blood pressure screenings by nurses from Good Samaritan Hospital's h2u (Health to You) program from 11:30 to 2:30. During this same time period, you are invited to explore the Santa Clara County Library District's new, state-of-the-art bookmobile in the parking lot.
          Please also stop by PlaneTree's display tables to say hello, pick up a print copy of the wonderful       MedlinePlus health magazine, and select a self-care publication on a topic of interest to you. We will also have fun activities for kids. PlaneTree Health Info Center logo, including nameLook for us near the "Healthy Eating" desk and floral department between 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  
     Each Whole Foods Market gives back to its community four times per year by donating five percent of one day's net sales to a local nonprofit organization selected through a competitive application process.

     Enjoy one of the larger Whole Foods Markets, and "shop for our cause" at the Cupertino location on Tuesday, January 14. We look forward to seeing you there!

News You Can Use 
Doctor writing on an e-tablet      Has your doctor encouraged you to make use of email and online electronic health records? Learn about the advantages of using a patient portal, how to protect your privacy, and tips for communicating effectively with your physician via email.
     "Anxiety disorders ... are the most common class of mental disorder present in the general population," according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Individuals may be mildly to severely affected. The effectiveness of drugs and/or psychotherapy varies from person to person; for some people, treatment is elusive.
Woman looking distressed     Readers of the Atlantic magazine were recently invited to recount their personal struggles with anxiety; their most eloquent passages have been posted online. If you suffer from one or more anxiety disorders, you may find comfort or help in the experiences they shared. If you have a loved one who is affected, the excerpts may help you better understand his or her condition.
     The Atlantic requested the submissions after publishing an article by a successful, creative professional who has been beset by fears since childhood. His lengthy and very personal account is also available.
Buying and Cooking Chicken
     Bacterial contamination was widespread in raw chicken A roasted whole chickensamples recently tested by Consumer Reports (CR). Neither conventional nor organic poultry companies did well. However, CR's detailed cover story does have advice for shoppers and cooks, as well as policy and law makers.
New CPR Guidelines 
     Contrary to depictions on television dramas, most people who receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) do not recover fully. The odds of success depend greatly upon the general health of the victim, how long before life-saving measures are initiated, and other factors.
Graphic for CPR      One cause of CPR's limited effectiveness has been bystander confusion, ignorance, and fear about what to do. Now the guidelines have been simplified.
     If you see an adult or teen suddenly collapse, become unresponsive, and have no or only gasping breaths, you only need to immediately -
.       * call (or have someone else call) 911, and
.       * give fast, hard chest compressions
     For details on the new protocol and the research behind it, read this New York Times article. The American Heart Association's light-hearted videos concisely demonstrate the procedure.  
In This Issue
News You Can Use
Riderless horse running along hilltop
    All events are open to the public; pre-registration may be required. There is a fee for events marked with an *asterisk.
Self-care for health care professionals
Palo Alto - Thurs., Jan. 9
Diabetes prevention for people diagnosed with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance* (Fee may be covered by insurance)
Mountain View - Year-long courses begin Mon., Jan. 13 and Fri., Jan. 17
ADHD in kids
San Jose - Tues., Jan. 14
Anxiety & depression
Mountain View - Tues., Jan. 14
Shoulder pain
Mountain View - Tues., Jan 14
Introduction to pelvic control for incontinence (Fee for additional classes)
Mountain View - Wed., Jan. 15 & Feb. 19
Maintaining brain health
San Jose - Thurs., Jan. 16
Nutrition (in Vietnamese only)
San Jose - Course begins Tues., Jan. 21
Osteoporosis exercise*
Los Gatos - Course begins Wed., Jan. 22
Parenting a child with special needs*
San Jose - Course begins Fri., Jan. 24
Affordable Care Act
Cupertino - Mon., Jan. 27
Morgan Hill - Wed., Jan. 29
Autism spectrum in young kids
San Jose -Tues., Jan. 28
Dental hygiene for young kids
San Jose - Tues., Jan. 28
Disaster preparedness
Gilroy - Sat., Feb. 8
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