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April 2013
PlaneTree in Your Community
Cover of April 2013 Cupertino Courier     Just in time for the 24th anniversary of PlaneTree's grand opening in April, 1989, our services at the PlaneTree Health Information Center were the cover story in Silicon Valley Community Newspapers. PlaneTree staff and volunteers are proudly pictured on the cover with Cupertino community librarian, Mark Fink.

     Do you think more people should know about PlaneTree's free health information services? Tell your friends about us!

Mira Geffner at PlaneTree outreach table
Mira Geffner, SJSU library school intern, recently staffed our outreach table at Los Altos Library.
     Also, if you work at a library or senior center, please let us introduce our free public services to your patrons or clients. Invite a PlaneTree outreach volunteer to visit your location for two hours with our colorful display and worthwhile health education handouts. We also have bookmarks that you could distribute. Please email your request.

     Our community services are free for everyone in Silicon Valley - and beyond.

PlaneTree Health Lectures
     You, friends, and family are invited to two free lectures, one in English and one in Mandarin. Our co-sponsor is the S. Ku Foundation. Related print materials will be available.
New Treatments for Common Eye Conditions in Adults
Presented in Mandarin by Timothy Wang, M.D.
2-3 p.m., Sunday, April 21 ● Cupertino Community Hall
Presented in English by George Hsieh, M.D.
2-3 p.m., Sunday, May 5 ● Quinlan Community Center
Celebrating the Earth 
Earth Day button     Up to 10,000 people attended Cupertino's recent Earth Day Festival. At the PlaneTree table, we distributed a flyer with particularly useful environmental health resources and talked to scores of people about our services. The event was held in the plaza in front of the Cupertino Library, which amazingly had 4,100 visitors that day.
News You Can Use
Managing Care
Telephone on table with pill bottles     Communicating well with medical personnel and family members. Staying on top of medical appointments and paperwork. These tasks challenge many caregivers. If you care for a loved one, you may find helpful tips among these comments from New York Times readers.
     Find additional suggestions online on caregivers, personal medical records, and talking with your doctor.

A Fungus Among Us
3 pairs of feet     Fungal infections cause nails, most often toenails, to become thick, discolored, and unsightly. If untreated, they can cause pain and permanent disfigurement. Many medical and self-care approaches to prevention and treatment are available.


     Selecting treatment for an addiction is difficult. This is often partially due to having to base Fake street sign reading decisions on conflicting or inadequate information about treatment approaches and care providers. Two recent articles in the New York Times provide some guidance: Part 1 and Part 2.


Gardening for Spot and Rover

Close-up of a dog     If you have a dog with allergies, he or she probably has itchy skin. Learn about canine-friendly landscaping to reduce the allergens in your yard. 

Gluten: A Cause for Concern?
     Have you wondered, "Why do so many people care about gluten?" or even "Should I be avoiding gluten?" 
     Celiac disease (or celiac sprue) is a serious and common genetic disease in which gluten-containing foods trigger an autoimmune response. Because the symptoms of celiac disease vary widely in their nature, severity, and age of onset, it is often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. If you or a child or adult whom you love suffers from a long-term physical or mental malaise which has not been diagnosed - or for which diagnosis has not led to effective treatment - you may want to read about celiac symptoms and diagnosis in this detailed overview.
Heads of wheat    Other gluten-related disorders may cause similar symptoms but not damage the intestines. Celiac disease is unrelated to wheat allergy.
     Treatment is the careful avoidance of all foods made from gluten-containing grains. Individuals and families coping with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity will find many helpful resources here.
     Mysteries and controversies regarding gluten disorders are numerous. (Why is the incidence of celiac disease increasing? How common are non-celiac gluten-related disorders? Do people without diagnosed gluten disorders benefit from shunning gluten?) Two fascinating NY Times articles illustrate the potential seriousness of undiagnosed celiac disease and the increasingly common but unproven use of gluten-free diets to treat other chronic diseases.

In This Issue
PlaneTree Health Lectures
Celebrating the Earth
News You Can Use
Spring Walks
Spring Talks
Dining Out for Life
Dining Out for Life logo  
    Invite family and friends to join you for a relaxing lunch or dinner on Thursday, April 25. Nearly 50 participating restaurants will be donating substantial portions of their receipts to Health Trust AIDS Services.
    Have a great time while helping a great community organization! 
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Spring Walks
Used tennis shoes   
The Stroke Awareness Foundation will raise money for community stroke education in the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden on Sunday, May 5.
Latinas Contra Cancer will hold their 9th annual Mother's Day walk in San Jose on Sunday, May 12.
Spring Talks
2 Tulips  
The following events are free to the public.
Cupertino; Wed., April 17
Consider the Conversation (documentary film & panel discussion on end-of-life issues)
Campbell; Fri., April 19
Mountain View; Mon., April 22
Palo Alto; Thurs. April 25
Mountain View; Tues., April 30
Advance Health Care Planning (includes hands-on help in filling out a directive)
Campbell; Fri., May 10
Palo Alto; Tues., May 14
(also see this recent
Los Gatos; Thurs., May 16
Cupertino; Mon., May 20
Palo Alto; Tues., May 21
Palo Alto; Thurs., May 23
Hearing Health Fair (talks, demonstrations, & vendors)
Palo Alto; Wed., May 29
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