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October 2012
PlaneTree's Fall Health Lectures
     Our lectures are free and open to everyone.
Medicare 2013: What you need to know about the changes
Monday, October 22, 2 p.m. - Saratoga Library
Monday, October 29, 10:30 a.m. - Los Altos Library
Hey, Kids! Learn the Real Tooth
Thursday, November 1, 3:30 p.m. - Cupertino Library in the
PlaneTree Logo without nameChildren's Story Room
Get the End-of-Life Care You Want
Thursday, November 8, 7 p.m. - Gilroy Library
A Silver Anniversary
Photo of Candace Ford Gray
     Candace Ford Gray recently received an award of "recognition and gratitude" for her 25 years of leadership in providing nationally recognized health information services to the public. She has led our organization since its founding in 1987.
     In presenting the award at the international Planetree Alliance conference, president Susan Frampton noted Candace's passionate dedication to providing information to health care consumers and her pioneer status in the once-fledgling consumer health empowerment movement. She has been a consultant to numerous Planetree hospitals across the U.S., as they established their health libraries and patient education centers. 
     The Alliance has grown to over 600 hospital and library affiliates across the U.S. and abroad. The conference attracted nearly 1,000 participants from 13 countries.
     Planetree incorporated as a nonprofit health advocacy organization in San Francisco in 1978. Candace helped develop the second affiliate, which opened as the Planetree Health Resource Center in a Victorian house in downtown San Jose. After two moves, we are now the PlaneTree Health Information Center @ the Cupertino Library.
      "I share this recognition with staff, volunteers, community partners, and donors," Candace said. "Especially in this age of information overload, people appreciate our help in finding the medical information they really want and need."
News You Can Use
"Don't put anything smaller than your elbow...
Close-up of a kid's your kid's ears," was a long-ago pediatrician's advice to moms. That might be overly cautious, but doctors are particular about how you clean your ears. Here are tongue-out-of-cheek Do's and Don'ts for adult and child ear care.
Modern Aches and Pains
     Do you often have one (or more) of the following?:
        - neck, shoulder, or lower back pain
        - sore wrists
        - numb fingers
        - tired, irritated eyes
        - headaches
Your discomfort may be related to computing if you use electronic equipment frequently.
      Strain on your body can be reduced by adjusting your computer set-up and computing habits. The basics of safe workstation set-up are shown in this interactive drawing. This more detailed advice covers both desktop and laptop computers. If you have problems with eye strain, the tips in this article are relevant to all electronic device screens.
Not Just Professional Athletes
       The long-term effects of repeated mild brain injury in professional football players and boxers have been much in the news, but any hard blow or jostle to the head should be treated with respect. Parents and coaches of young athletes need to be particularly alert as kids and teens appear to be more vulnerable than adults.
Alternative Medicine
     Acupuncture. Alexander technique. Aromatherapy. Ayurveda... Where can you find reliable information on the wide-ranging field of complementary and alternative medicine?
     The 9 resources we recommend on our website were all created by well-respected organizations. You'll find their coverage more trustworthy and less commercial Cover of Textbook of Natural Medicine, by Pizzorno & Murraythan most search-engine results.
     We also encourage you to come in and explore our new books on alternative medicine. Perhaps most notable among them is the Textbook of Natural Medicine by Joseph Pizzorno and Michael Murray. Over 2,200 pages long, it deftly describes many therapeutic approaches and the naturopathic treatment of numerous health conditions.
Carotid Artery Care
Illustration of the carotid artery     For partially blocked carotid arteries, invasive procedures are often more risky and expensive than other treatment options, yet no more effective. Learn more.
In This Issue
A Silver Anniversary
News You Can Use
Classes & Lectures
Breast Cancer in Asians
H2U logo 
presents .
"Real Life Stages"  
    If you are a baby boomer or senior, you may be wishing you knew more about estate, financial, and care planning; housing options; insurance; and many other practical topics. To help you get up to speed, H2U will present entertaining, educational vignettes and opportunities to ask experts questions on Thursday, October 25, from 3 to 5 p.m. 
    Call the Good Samaritan Hospital event line at 1-888-724-2362 to register for this free event at the Good Sam Auditorium. Receive a nice gift by mentioning PlaneTree.
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Classes & Lectures
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    These events are free to the public. Pre-registration may be required.
Foods for Health [for cancer patients & caregivers]
Sat., Oct. 27; Mountain View
Tues., Nov. 13; Palo Alto
Tues., Nov. 13; Mountain View
Wed., Nov. 14; Fremont
Cultivating Life with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine  [for cancer patients & caregivers]  
Sat., Nov. 10; Mountain View
Breast Cancer in Asians
Close-up of globe showing Asia 
    You may be able to help determine what is causing the high and rising rates of breast cancer among women of Asian heritage. If you are a woman between the ages of 20 and 80, from any Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander ethnic group, and have never had breast cancer, the Cancer Prevention Institute needs your help in a study of risk factors. See the 4th article in their October newsletter.
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