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No-Cost Ways To Motivate

It Is Possible!

In today's economy, many organizations no longer have the luxury of using money as a motivational tool. Since most employees "work to live," if asked, they may tell you that money motivates them and they would leave in a heartbeat for a small raise. So, where does that leave managers and business owners who don't have a budget for costly recognition and incentive building? For sure, the overriding challenge is motivating employees without using monetary rewards.


Analysis of survey results, comprising participants from small, medium and large organizations across all industries, enabled identification of many best practices for motivating employees without using money, taking into consideration the extra factors that drive individuals to work hard and be engaged in what they are doing. Here are the top 10:


10 Ways to Motivate Without Money


1. Learn and acknowledge your employees' personal career objectives.


2. Retain high-quality employees through sound management practices.

3. Affirm job security through managerial support in every aspect of the employees' job.

4. Create an atmosphere and culture where people want to work.

5. Show employees respect through consistency and empowerment.

6. Redefine job requirements to provide interesting and challenging 
work for successful employees.

7. Provide coaching and mentorship opportunities.

8. Create a dialogue of feedback with each employee to encourage, challenge and inform each other.

9. Recognize significant performances, or achievements, publicly.


10. Provide additional training and educational opportunities customized to individual needs.

 It is possible!  If you follow these steps, you have a better chance of having a fully engaged and motivated workforce!

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