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Are Your People Ensuring Extinction or Survival?

Even if every other aspect of your business is working perfectly, people problems can still be the difference between profit and loss, extinction and survival.
On the face of it, that might sound like a very extreme thing to say. "Even if I have every aspect of my business performing perfectly my people could still cause my business not to survive, or even cause it to fail to make a profit "??"
YES! That's exactly what a study of 85 years of research has shown very clearly. Studies have shown that using predictive job match assessments can help to ensure that people stay longer on the job and are more productive, saving a fortune in recruitment and low output / productivity costs.



High Turnover Industry



Without Job Match



With Job



% left / fired after 6 months


% left / fired after 14 months
















Low Turnover Industry


% left / fired after 6 months


% left / fired after 14 months




















Appreciating today's rapidly changing business strategies and what it takes to become a market leader and great manager, JV Consulting strategically partners with the leading global assessments organization so that we can provide our clients with talent and performance management solutions that are results-driven and spot-on accurate. Our solutions address: 
  • Selection and Hiring
  • On-boarding
  • Retention--focusing on improving employee engagement, loyalty and productivity
  • Leadership / staff development
  • Succession planning strategies focusing on top performance at all levels
  • Incumbent coaching
  • Team compatibility
Our predictive, job-related assessment tools deliver significant results that will take your organization to the next level. Best in Class companies have recognized the important role predictive job-matching and development plays in building a high-octane workforce and gaining competititive advantage. 


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