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Mark Your Calendars


21 Day Daniel Fast

January 5-25


Health Ministry Session

January 17


College Essay Scholarship Workshop

January 17


Martin Luther King Holiday

Life Offices Closed

January 19


Church Business Meeting

January 31

Revised Date


Winter Shelter Outreach & Dinner

January 25


Health Ministry Session

February 21


Multicultural Day

February 22


Winter Shelter Outreach & Dinner

February 22




"Speak Life" Broadcast Schedule



Saturdays @ 7:00pm Prince William County Xfinity Channel 2 



TNT - 

Tuesday Night Teaching


It's a new year and time for your family to recommit to spiritual knowledge and growth.


Tuesday-Night-Teaching is a dynamic interactive bible study that will change the way you see yourself and God.

If you haven't been attending T-N-T you have been missing some phenomenal teaching.


Each Tuesday @ 7pm TNT will be held at The Life's new office location at 12680 Darby Brook Court in Woodbridge.


Make the commitment and be there each Tuesday night!


Online ordering for CDs and DVDs of Sunday Worship Services and Tuesday Bible Studies is available! 



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This month starts a new year where we will be claiming our territory in every aspect of our lives -- mind, body and spirit. Commit wholly to increasing your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through prayer, praise and worship. We pray that the information you receive from our newsletter will uplift and strengthen you to live a more abundant life. 


From the Bishop

Bishop Reeves

Claiming Our Territory  

It's a brand new year and a brand new day. Let us seize every opportunity that this presents us, fully laying hold to everything that according to the word of God, legitimately belongs to us. Too often as children of the Most High we have failed to walk in the fullness of our royal heritage and all that it affords. We are The King's children yet in many areas we've lived way beneath our privileges.


We have settled for far less than what was rightfully ours because in some cases we either did not know or did not really believe that we could have all that God has said we could have. As a result, we have left both natural and spiritual blessings laying unclaimed. Good health, financial stability, new businesses, strong relationships, healthy families, job opportunities, peace of mind, joy, hope, restful sleep, and so much more has simply been left in a spiritual storage bin with a sign on it that says "Unclaimed Belongings" .


But I declare that 2015 is the year that we are "Claiming Our Territory". This is the year that we shall walk on new ground. Just as God promised Moses, He promises us today, "Every place the sole of your foot treads will be yours. Your territory will extend from the wilderness to Lebanon and from the Euphrates River to the Mediterranean Sea" (Deut.11:25). In other words, our territory extends deep and wide.


So, don't wait until Sunday to recite the Life's declaration. I want you to say these words every single day. "I am a Believer. I can do what God said I could do. I can have what God said I could have. I will become what God said I would become. Because I am a Fearless Believer!"


Now let's go boldly and claim everything that God has for us. Happy New Year!


Bishop E.V. Reeves






The Life Administrative Offices have moved to 
12680 Darby Brook Court (Brooke Court Plaza)
Woodbridge, VA 22192

Sunday Worship Service is held 9am at 
CD Hylton High School 
14051 Spriggs Road, Woodbridge, VA 22193

TNT (Tuesday Night Teaching/Bible Study) is held 7pm at
The Life 12680 Darby Brook Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192





As we start the new year, all members of The Life are asked to participate in a 21 day corporate Daniel fast. Monday, January 5th through Sunday January 25th we will eat what Daniel ate - fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The purpose of the fast is to set the foundation for a strong year as we Claim Our Territory.

Download a copy of the complete fast guidelines that include scripture references and prayer points.



Church Business Meeting

The Church Business Meeting will be held
Saturday, January 31 @ 9am at The Life.






Happy New Year!!!


Praise God for a new year of His awesome love, grace, and mercy towards us and our marriages. 

Here are 31 Marriage Tips to help strengthen our marriages for this year and the years to come!


31 Marriage Tips

  1. Keep God at the center of your marriage
  2. Fight with your husband, not against him
  3. Forgive each other quickly
  4. Carve time out of busy schedules to spend together
  5. Put each other before your pride
  6. Communicate with loving respect
  7. Don't say things you'll regret. Ever.
  8. Don't give up on your marriage
  9. Pray for each other often
  10. Pray together
  11. Don't measure your spouse by a list of expectations
  12. Give more than you're given
  13. Trust God for your reward when you endure trials
  14. Cultivate your friendship
  15. Encourage more than you nag
  16. Speak highly of each other
  17. Speak highly to each other
  18. Let go of the past and look forward together
  19. Offer grace to each other
  20. Do little things that say, "I love you."
  21. Kiss each other often
  22. Don't ignore your spouses need for physical intimacy
  23. Address problems before they become a serious issue
  24. Stop keeping score of everything, like "who forgave who last..."
  25. Keep unity in mind - put we before me
  26. Let go of your anger and communicate with a cool head
  27. Speak life to each other with words of encouragement
  28. Respect each other with both your words and your actions
  29. Live with an attitude of gratitude
  30. Smile more - stress less
  31. Always say "I love you," even-and especially if-you've had a bad day

Excerpt from the blog: The Time-Warp Wife

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Come join the Health Ministry for a time of healing, deliverance and restoration on Saturday, January 17th from 10 am to noon at The Life, 12680 Darby Brook Court Woodbridge VA 22192.

This month we will discuss how our whole health (body, soul and spirit) has already been accomplished through the atonement. Healing is a done deal, and is available to us now exactly the same as forgiveness of sins. Because we are already healed, believers can lead a healthy prosperous life. 

*Please note this has been moved from Saturday, January 10th






Do you have a servant's heart, one that desires to serve God's people and have a true passion for what you are doing?  Do you have a charismatic smile, charming personality, desire to know that God's people are free to worship in comfort, want to see that anyone needing a ride to church is provided for or have a professional background in health care or just want to be there to assist in the care for a person in need of medical attention?  Then there is a ministry with your name on it!!!


GREETERS MINISTRY- the warm loving smiling faces that" WELCOME YOU TO THE LIFE" regardless of the weather outside they are at the doors!!


SERVICE TECHNICIANS - more than just showing you where to sit but there to support your needs while in service.


BISHOP POSSE - Young men and ladies that have answered the call to serve wherever they are needed in the Church.


PARKING LOT MINISTRY - Ensuring your safety in and out of the parking lot and watching your vehicles while you are in service.


TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY - Providing transportation to service for those who desire to come but have no ride, also supporting the ministry at various functions where transportation is required.


HEALTH CARE MINISTRY - Dedicated professionals and volunteers that provide accurate assistance in the event of a medical emergency or need.


SECURITY MINISTRY - "The Silent Watchers" maintaining a vigilance on the wall.


We are the HELPS ministry here at New Life and if any of the above ministry has sparked something in you to serve God's people, then please contact Minister Hammond at (703) 490 7155 or






COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY WRITING WORKSHOP:The Unstoppable Youth Ministry is hosting a free College/Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop Saturday, January 17th at Potomac Community Library [2201 Opitz Blvd, Woodbridge, VA]. Students should bring any essay prompts they have been given, and/or we can provide prompts that would suit most applications. POC: Christina Finley at or 310-218-9002

HOMELESS SHELTER OUTREACH & DINNER: The Life is making a difference in our community. Each fourth Sunday through March 2015, The Life's Evangelism Ministry will be preparing and serving dinner to our local homeless at the Bill Mehr Winter Shelter. Volunteers are needed to provide items for meals as well as to serve. To volunteer please contact the Evangelism Ministry at All volunteers serving in the shelter must be at least 18 years old.

VOLUNTEER HOSPITALITY EVENT COORDINATOR NEEDED: The Life needs a Volunteer Hospitality Event Coordinator to mange the details of events such as conferences, meetings, celebrations, and special worship services. If your are detailed oriented, creative and called to serve the house with your talent, please contact Minister Leon Hammond at 703-490-7155 or


PRAYER REQUESTS: Visit and Connect Through Prayer & Praise to share your prayer requests and praise reports. Let your Life family gird you in prayer and share what God is doing to encourage others. Join us on the prayer line Mon-Fri 5:00AM-5:30AM & 10:00PM-10:30PM. Phone: 712-432-1212. Meeting ID: 781-504-075






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