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April 2013   
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Pope Francis Cards
Benedict XVI books $4 or less.
Pope Francis
Prayer Cards
7-852 cover Span Pope Francis card

An inspiring
prayer for the Holy Father Pope Francis.
7-129 cover Pope Francis card
This prayer is for the strength and support of Pope Francis and his ministry as the newly elected Holy Father of the parishioners of the Catholic Church. 
English No. 7-129
Spanish  No. 7-852
Price: $10 for 50 cards

No. 7-419      Price: $4.95
Most Recent
5-002 new cover_Called & Gifted
Called & Gifted for the
Third Millennium
Bishops reflections on laity & 15th Anniv. of Called & Gifted
Price: $5.95

7-279 cover_Why Go To Sunday Mass
Why Go To Sunday Mass? 
No. 7-279 
Price: $3.95
Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, Book Sale
...encyclicals & exhortation $4 ...ST Series 64% OFF
234-3 cover_B-XVI Essays & Refl on His Papacy7-126 cover_Xmas Novena
Pope Benedict XVI: Essays and Reflections on His Papacy
No. 234-3
30% OFF @ $12.60

A Christmas Novena with Benedict XVI

No. 7-126 50% OFF@ $3


Prayers by Pope Benedict XVI

No. 7-072 50% OFF @ $2.50


Benedict XVI encyclicals & Apostolic Exhortation  Retail price $6.95 to $7.95 Sale price $4  *E-books NOT ON SALE

God Is Love (Deus Caritas Est)  English only No. 5-758  Price: $4 plus Engl-e-book* No. 7-230  Span-e-book* No. 7-835

Sacrament of Charity (Sacramentum Caritatis)  English No. 7-002  Spanish No. 7-800 Price: $4  Engl-e-book* No. 7-241  Span-e-book* No. 7-836

On Christian Hope Spanish only No. 7-804 Price: $4 plus Engl-e-book* No. 7-245  Span-e-book* No. 7-837
On Christian Hope (Spe Salvi)

Charity in Truth (Caritas in Veritate)
  English No. 7-049  Spanish No. 7-806 Price: $4 Engl-e-book* No. 7-246  Span-e-book* No. 7-838

The Word of the Lord (Verbum Domini)
English No. 7-136 Spanish  No. 7-826 Price: $4
Engl-e-book* No. 7-260 Span-e-book* No. 7-845
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Prayer cards available

7-128 cover_Prayer for B-XVI (retired)
PRAY FOR Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, now dedicated to a life of prayer for the whole Church.

Pope Benedict XVI Prayer cards
English  No. 7-128  Spanish No. 7-851
Price: $10 for 50 cards
B-XVI Spiritual Thoughts Series  64% OFF
7-374 cover_Faith STS

5-765 cover_Pope Benedict XVI, Spiritual Thoughts
ALL 17 Spiritual Thoughts Series books --new and old-- on Sale 64% OFF using Promo code:
Pope Benedict XVI: Spiritual Thoughts, $3.58
No. 5-765
St. Paul, $2.50
No. 7-053
Mary, $3.58
No. 7-054
E-Mary (e-book version)
No. 7-247
The Saints, $2.86
No. 7-055
The Word of God, $2.50No. 7-065
Family, $2.50No. 7-075
E-Family (e-book version)
No. 7-249
The Priesthood, $2.50No. 7-086
Following Christ, $2.50No. 7-056
The Eucharist, $2.50No. 7-084
E-Eucharist (e-book version)
No. 7-250
Sickness, $2.50 No. 7-137
Christmas, $2.50No. 7-194
E-Christmas (e-book version)
No. 7-291
Young People, $2.50No. 7-196
E-Young People (e-book version)
No. 7-263
The Face of Jesus, $2.50No. 7-195
E-Face of Jesus (e-book version)
No. 7-294
Interreligious Dialogue, $2.50No. 7-276
Vatican Council II, $2.50No. 7-367
Faith, $2.50No. 7-374
Environment, $2.50No. 7-305


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