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In addition to the featured equipment sets described below, we are in touch with 270+ MEMS and semiconductor foundries and 65+ equipment brokers worldwide.  If you are looking to buy some specific equipment, please email us your requirements at [email protected] and we'll source the equipment for you.

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Equipment Name

Description and Notes

Photo resist stripper 

Mattson Aspen 2 (or equivalent). Needs to be set up for 200mm wafers.

Fume hood Suggested manufacturer: Genie Scientific (or equivalent). Model GS-111-96. Dimensions 54.5” (H) x 96” W x 33” (D). Explosion proof lights and electrical.
Vacuum oven Suggested manufacturer: Georgia Ovens (or equivalent). Model HT. Temperature capability 650-700 Deg C. Vacuum capability 10-4 Torr.
Glove box (vacuum capable) Chamber size ~ 15” x 24”, with antichamber approximate dimensions 6” x 12”. 4 glove ports.
Glove Box with vacuum oven Oven size about 6” x 6”. Suggested manufacturer: Innovative Technology (Model 4GB 1800).
Laboratory reverse roll coater 3 Roller reverse roll coater with up to 40 tons of pressure. Two possible manufacturer: Technical Coating International and MTI (model E200-CC).
X-ray photoelectron system (XPS) For elemental composition analysis of thin films and particulates.
X-ray diffraction system (XRD) For atomic, molecular structure and morphology analysis.


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