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Thank you to  
Eldora Mountain Resort  
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for the great season and for supporting our program!
Thank You Eldora Mountain Resort!
Thank you in a video from our students and volunteers!
Ignite in the News
Letter to the editor by
Keith Jimmerson,
Ignite volunteer

Kudos to Ignite Adaptive Sports
Daily Camera
March 27, 2014
Letter to the editor by
Steve Miller,
Ignite volunteer & parent of a student
From the
Board of Directors

By Paula Galloway, Secretary

Annual Retreat:
Do you have ideas for next year?

The Ignite Board of Directors and senior staff will be holding the annual strategic planning retreat on Saturday,  June 14. Before the meeting, please share your ideas for future programs, equipment, fundraising,  etc. with any board or staff member by emailing secretary@igniteadaptivesports.org.  (Volunteers will also be receiving a survey shortly by email.)  We can't guarantee that we will adopt your proposals, but if you don't speak up, it is guaranteed that your ideas won't be considered.

Keep Ignited!
Do you speak Spanish?
Would you be willing to talk with potential Spanish speaking students about our program?   
If so, please contact Joanna at j.wittig@igniteadaptivesports.org
Where do you work?
We are looking to build relationships with corporate sponsors. Would you be willing to let us know where you work?  Perhaps find out if your company supports non-profit organizations?  Or do you own your own business and are you looking for an opportunity to give back to your community?

Any info or intro would help!  If so, please contact Finn Murphy at director@igniteadaptivesports.org
End of Year
Volunteer Party

We switched things up this year and had our end of the year volunteer appreciation party in Boulder at Sanitas Brewing Company. 

It was a great time celebrating our volunteers and recognizing everyone for their years served and dedication to Ignite!
End of Year Party - Volunteer of the Year Ski
Executive Director Finn Murphy presents the Volunteer of the Year award to Karen Kaminski and David Bye (Susan Rogers not pictured here)
Lorna Kowal Acknowledged for 28 years of service
Lorna Kowal receiving her pin for 28 years of service to Ignite
End of Year Party - Massage Chair
Thanks to Makaan Burt for bringing the massage chair!
Ignite at the
Imagine Provider Fair

Imagine Provider Fair Booth
We enjoyed meeting many future skiers at two Imagine provider fairs this spring!

Imagine, located in Lafayette, creates and offers innovative support to people of all ages with cognitive, developmental, physical and health-related needs. 

Thanks to Ignite volunteers Finn Murphy, Chuck Haight, Patty Sharp  and Joanna Wittig for manning the booth and sharing Ignite's program with the individuals and families seved by Imagine! 
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Board of Directors 

David Levin

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Jason Pavlovic


Cole Jacobs


Paula Galloway

Kathy Coyne
Art Heimbach
Jason Kawaguchi
Phil Nugent
Michael Travis

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John Humbrecht

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David Schadle

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Stacey Lunn

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Becci Seuberling

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Marketing Director
Joanna Wittig
Summer 2014 Newsletter
From the Executive Director 

Dear Ignite Family,

Welcome to our early Summer newsletter. You'll find it packed with news and important developments. As you may have heard, Eldora has indicated to us that they want us up on the mountain for the long term. This is great news and now opens the door for us to do some long term planning, not to mention filling our ranks by renewing recruitment efforts in the community. In addition, you'll be seeing some enhanced training this Fall. It's all very exciting and positive.


Have a great Summer everybody!



Volunteers Recognized for Excellence

Congratulations to these volunteers who received excellence awards for the 2014 winter season!

Bob Loomas - Admin Award
Bob Loomas
Alex Dance - Rookie of Year
Rookie of the Year
Alex Dance
Keith Jimmerson - Nordic Award
Nordic Award
Keith Jimmerson


Bob Ward - Snowboard Award
Snowboard Award
Bob Ward
Julie Naster - Bi-Mono Alpine Award
Bi/Mono Award
Julie Naster
David Varra - Equipment Award
Equipment Award David Varra

Volunteer of the Year

The Fort Collins Troika 


Susan Rogers - Vol of Year
Susan Rogers 
David Bye - Vol of Year
David Bye
Karen Kaminski - Vol of Year
Karen Kaminski
Ignite Your Spirit
From a Sit-Ski to Alpine Skis
Check out Eric's progress on the slopes!    

Eric, a US Veteran with a spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, came to Ignite on a whim to support and watch one of his friends, a fellow veteran, learn to ski. He merely came to watch and didn't know he was about to get hooked!  Even though Eric has no use of his left arm and limited use of his left leg, he decided to give skiing a try. 

Check out his amazing progress in these pictures! Starting in a sit-ski in 2009, then moving on to a slider (supportive device used while skiing), and now skiing solo down the mountain. He's even tried snowboarding too.  Eric is an inspiration to us all with his willingness to try new things, dedication to the program and his love of skiing!

Eric begins with sit-skiing
Beginning in 2009 on a sit-ski. (Back when Ignite jackets were red.)
Eric progresses to the alpine slider
Standing up using the alpine slider (and friendly volunteers!) for support.
Eric Progresses to Alpine Skiing
And away he goes downhill skiing! 
Stay Involved this Summer
Adaptive Opportunities    

TBI Alive! 
TBI Alive Meetup Group Logo
Are you looking for a valuable resource for yourself or someone you know who is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor? 

Check out the "TBI Alive" group at http://www.meetup.com/TBIAlive/ for information about groups that meet weekly in Denver and Boulder. 

Upcoming Meet-ups include:

-Yoga for Cognitive Health

-Adaptive Watersports: Intro to Sailing, Paddle Boarding & Lake Kayaking

-Coffee, Tea and Conversation in Boulder


Achilles International

Run/walk/wheel with some great people  Achilles International Logo

Achilles International of Colorado welcomes all people with disabilities to the wonderful world of RUNNING! Their mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, in order to promote personal achievement, enhance self esteem, and lower barriers to living a fulfilling life. 

Join Achilles as an athlete or a guide. They meet:

Boulder: Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in front of the
Main Boulder Public Library | 1001 Arapahoe Ave. | Boulder, CO 80302

Denver: Every Monday at 6 p.m. at
Washington Park Recreation Center
701 S. Franklin St. | Denver, CO 80209

If you have any questions email achillescolorado@gmail.com or check them out online at:
www.achillescolorado.org | www.facebook.com/groups/achillescolorado

Ignite Volunteers at the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Aspen

The week was lots of hard work, but lots of fun!

National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic 2014 Collage
Ignite Volunteers Pictured above at NDVWSC in Aspen/Snowmass from 3/29-4/5: Alan Apt, David Bye, Tommy Carrol, Lofton Henderson, John Humbrecht, Timothy Jones, Jason Kawaguchi, Stacey Lunn, Finn Murphy, Caron Newman, Steve O'neill (honorary Ignite), David Schadle, Anna Suter
Meet a Student and Volunteer

STUDENTKim Jackson on her mono-ski
Kim Jackson 
1st season with Ignite

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Healing by touch

If you could have any animal or creature as a pet, what would you pick?  
An armadillo or a hedgehog

What is your favorite summer activity?

Where did you go on your last trip or vacation?
Back home to NJ

If you came across a jukebox, which song/musician would you play?
Anything by Led Zeppelin

What is something that you always carry with you?
My wheelchair!

Would you rather play a game, read a book or watch a movie?
Read a book

What is your favorite part of the day when you come up to Eldora?
Seeing all the wonderful instructors and staff again!

Rosemary Brinko 
5th season with Ignite teaching Nordic (cross-country) skiing

Why do you volunteer?
I pretty much walked in off the parking lot.  I was skiing the Nordic trails one day and wondered what the building was.  I decided to walk in to find out.  When I got inside they said, "Why don't you stick around to see if you like it?" So I did. Five years later, I still love teaching skiing and sharing Nordic happiness with the students.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

In high school you would most likely find me:
In the library reading or behind the scenes setting up lighting for our theater group.

Where is your favorite place to be while at Eldora?
Porcupine.  I love this Nordic trail.

Describe yourself in one word.

If your life story was made into a movie, what would the title be and which actor would play you?
"The Vagabond" Julia Roberts - I'm always up for new adventures!

How do you spend your weekends during the off-season?

Describe your favorite moment or experience while
volunteering with Ignite.

I was inside the equipment facility waiting for my student. There was another student inside, who was having a rambunctious day, so I helped out by trying to keep him calm. We played a game - I did a stretching movement, and he would copy my motion. We played this mirror game until my student arrived.  When he did, I introduced the two, saying hello to my student, and, much to his mother's surprise, the student I was playing the game with said hello too.  She quickly told me that he's non-verbal and is not a talker.  It was an amazing unexpected moment for all of us. 

To provide integrated recreational opportunities for people with disabilities that will foster independence through the acquisition of lifetime skills.

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