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Caution About Coaches, From Coaches
As professionals who are highly invested in the well-being of our friends and clients, we are struck by the popularity of executive coaching. While we admire entrepreneurial spirit, we are concerned about the number of leadership coaches who lack the skills and experience to truly benefit organizations and their leaders. A "coach" may provide an impressive résumé of certifications, but it is important to note that "certifications" don't equal "competence." It falls upon the leaders to research and interview potential consultants. Here are three questions to consider when selecting a coach:

Are they really Leadership Coaches?
The world of executive coaching does not have real accreditations, and many certifications come from online programs that are purchased, not earned. Additionally, many individuals who become coaches are former athletes, lawyers, business professionals or academics. While they may have good intentions, few have the necessary psychological background needed to identify and assist with any inherent or long-standing issues. 

It is also important to note the difference between an executive coach, who assists with career goals, personal development and enhancing leadership skill, and a business coach, who focuses on strategy, financial results, and the like.

What is their track record with clients and their own business?
It is important to find out with which organizations coaches have worked in the past. Find out if they have tackled situations similar to yours or developed leaders in similar areas. Talk to previous clients to understand their coaching style and determine if it matches what you need in your organization. Additionally, learn about their own business to determine if they are successful as coaches or just starting out.

Do they fit your needs?
When determining if coaches are a good fit, you will want to determine if they have the same level of commitment to personal growth and are able to push you in challenge areas. You need to have respect for them as individuals as well as businesspersons. If you do not have respect for them, you will not be as committed or willing to follow their advice. Additionally, you must find out if their coaching style fits the culture of your organization and the needs of the individual being coached. Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all, but should be tailored to each individual's uniqueness.

For more questions you may want to ask when selecting an executive coach, we recommend reading "How To Choose The Right Executive Coach For You," on by Martin Braddock
Tips and Warnings
Don't be rushed into a decision: Make sure you take the time to review their track record and follow up on references. After you meet to discuss the potential coaching engagement, allow time to reflect and decide.

Be aware of "guaranteed results":
 While coaches should be able to guarantee our performance and that the coachee will have a clear path forward, results have just as much to do with the commitment and execution of the individual receiving the coaching. In our humble opinion, we would like to warn that "Guaranteed Results" is often the mark of a charlatan. Instead, we advise personal recommendations and references.

Get personal recommendations:  Reach out to colleagues and other members of your network. Whom do they recommend? What are their thoughts about the results achieved through the coaching? Ask if they know any good coaches in the area of your potential developmental needs, what type of approach the coach takes, and if they would recommend the coach. However, remember that chemistry is important--what was a great fit for a colleague may not work for you!

enVision Coaching
enVision Performance Solutions offers leadership coaching for both individual executives and for executive teams. Our coaches are laser-focused on helping executives and their teams develop capability and capacity. Our founding partners are highly experienced executive coaches with successes across industries and executive roles.

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