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The Executive Brief 
Vol.1, No.1
August 2013



AlignmentAlignment has been on our minds a lot lately. What sparked it was a conversation with an old friend who was ruefully laughing about her family's inability to make a decision on a vacation destination. It wasn't for want of desire - the five of them love to travel. But it was all about differences of opinion. One wanted Italy, another Australia, two wanted Disney World -- and she just wanted peace and a planned destination. Their family's lack of alignment had caused them to put off a decision so long that bargains or frequent flyer tickets were few and far between, and she was now just hoping for a compromise that wouldn't break the bank.

That conversation sprang to mind when we ran across a Forbes article entitled,

Short and to-the-point, the author doesn't mince words. He believes that there is no such thing as a "sort of aligned" executive team - "you either are or you aren't." And he correctly points out that misalignment at the top only gets worse as you move down into the organization, with conflicting messages, differing priorities, and inconsistencies in decisions, focus, processes and rewards.

What is the degree of alignment within the leadership team on which you serve? On the team(s) that you lead? Do you know? If the alignment isn't what you would like it to be, do you know how to map out a plan of action to improve it? Executive alignment and team-building are part of enVision Performance Solutions' DNA; we have a tested methodology for measuring and strengthening alignment. We would welcome a strategic conversation about your individual and organizational needs.

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We exist to help leaders enhance the performance of their teams and their organizations. We build deep and trusting relationships, and pride ourselves on providing thoughtful solutions and solid counsel. Services include coaching, individual assessment for both selection and development, enriched executive development to build bench strength, and team and organizational alignment.


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