June 2014
Presbyterian Women's Pig Project for the Women of the Presbytery of the PetÚn

In February of this year, a group of 10 from the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee traveled to Guatemala where they spent several days with pastors from the Presbytery of the PetÚn.  During this trip, five women from PMT had the opportunity to have in-depth conversation with five women who are wives of the pastors of the PetÚn Q'qechi Presbytery.  Through these conversations the women shared a strong desire to have a project that would bring their churches together and earn money for the presbytery, the churches and communities, and their families. 

It is the hope that Presbyterian Women and other groups in PMT will want to partner with Presbyterial (the name for PW in Guatemala) to provide seed money to purchase young pigs, food, fencing, etc. and to underwrite transportation costs for these women so they may meet together to oversee this project.  

In Summary
  • The 11 year covenant partnership between PMT and PQP took an important step in 2014 with the inclusion of the Guatemalan women in the active planning for their churches.
  • The women of the PQP have crafted a Pig Project to support their churches and presbytery.
  • The women are in need of 'seed money' to get this project off the ground.
  • The Guatemala committee is soliciting PW groups in Middle Tennessee to partner with Presbyterial groups in Guatemala and to donate monies for this project.
  • Monies donated will go directly to the Q'qechi PetÚn Presbyterial and will provide money for young pigs, food, fencing, and transportation costs.
  • Checks can be made out to the             
                 Presbytery of Middle Tennessee
                 618 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 2
                 Nashville, TN  37211
                 attn: Pat Webb
                               with "Guatemala pigs" in the memo line.
For more information, contact

Barbara Howell
Hunger Action Enabler
Presbytery of Middle Tennessee