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Launch of Charles W. Morgan July 21,2013
Launch of the Charles W. Morgan on July 21, 2013. Courtesy Mystic Seaport

CAMM Membership Newsletter - August 1, 2013
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New CAMM Member

A warm welcome to our newest affiliate member - the United States Lighthouse Society. In addition to publishing The Keeper's Log and supporting lighthouse education and preservation, the USLHS runs a very successful passport program. USLHS and CAMM will be joining forces to encourage more maritime museums to participate in this popular program.
MSCA Meeting

The Museum Small Craft Association Annual Meeting will take place October 21 - 23 at the North Carolina Maritime Museum, Beaufort, North Carolina


Activities will include presentations and discussions, a tour of the museum's boat collection storage, a local field trip, and opportunities to be on the water. 


Goto MSCA's website for more information.


We are seeking a Great Lakes/Midwestern location for our 2014 CAMM meeting. We try to move our annual CAMM meetings around the country on a regular basis to visit as many members and regions as possible. In 2009, we met at the Erie Maritime Museum in Erie, Pennsylvania, and we are looking for another member in that general region to host our next meeting. We generally meet in late April. If you might be interested in hosting around 50 of us in your town, we'd like to hear from you. It's good publicity for your institution and good business for your local economy! Requirements are simple: we need reasonably-priced accommodations for 2-3 days; enough space for social events and presentations; and of course some waterfront activities and tours. If interested, please contact CAMM Administrator Candace Clifford with any questions.


Best Regards,

Dave Pearson

CAMM President

News from our Members
Point Conception Lighthouse Lens
Courtesy Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Point Conception Lighthouse Lens Finds New Home


The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum has completed the installation of the Point Conception Lighthouse First Order Fresnel Lens. Built in Paris in 1854 and first lit February 1, 1856, this lens guided mariners past some of the most dangerous waters along the west coast of North America for nearly 150 years. De-commissioned in 2000, the United States Coast Guard recently transferred the lens to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum for safe keeping and public viewing.


Lampists Jim Woodward, Jim Dunlap, and Kurt Fosberg spent five weeks de-assembling this major maritime artifact from its desolate location nearly 60 miles west of Santa Barbara. Restoration of the lens, which Woodward described as in great condition but very dirty, took place at the Maritime Museum. In September the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will install informational text panels around the first order lens, including historic photos, journals and writings from the lighthouse keepers, a timeline of the Point Conception Lighthouse, and video of the restoration process, including a time-lapse sequence of the glass prism panels being re-installed.


The Point Conception Lighthouse First Order Fresnel Lens Exhibit will officially open on Saturday, September 21st. The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is in the middle of a $500,000 capital campaign to raise funds for this exhibit, including educational programming and an endowment fund to insure long-term care for this treasured artifact.

Jean Wort and Ron Oswald
Jean Wort and Ron Oswald at 2013 CAMM Meeting


NMHS Honored

The National Maritime Historical Society has been selected by Maine Maritime Museum to receive the 2013 Mariners Award in recognition of its leadership role in raising awareness of our nation's maritime heritage and the role seafaring has played in shaping civilization.


The award will be presented to the society's Chairman Ronald L. Oswald in a ceremony at the Museum in August. Among the sponsors of the 2013 Mariners Award is General Dynamics Bath Iron Works.


Originally founded in 1963 as an effort to rescue and preserve the Arthur Sewall & Co. Shipyard Bath-built bark Kaiulani, the Society evolved into a not-for-profit membership organization that seeks to educate Americans about our nation's extraordinary maritime accomplishments and their continuing relevance for our nation's prosperity and cultural vitality.


The Society's initiatives encompass publications, educational programs, sail training, and preservation of historic ships. The Society communicates with its members through its quarterly publication, Sea History, which, with its 45,000 readers, is recognized as the pre-eminent journal of advocacy and education in the field.  Its website, provides information about U.S. maritime heritage as well as about today's maritime activities, including a calendar of maritime-related events such as conferences, exhibits and ship news.

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