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June, 2014:  Volume 18
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This month I would like to share a recent client engagement where we helped create and build the financial reporting infrastructure.  

Client Snapshot
Medical Devices: Accounting and Financial Reporting


Situation and Challenge

A medical device company was growing at double digit rates and could see a clear path for continued expansion-either through organic growth or an acquisition. The company anticipated that their success would soon attract outside investors, and they wanted to be prepared for that eventuality.


Management needed to be sure that their books were in good order for both on-going management of the company as well as bank/investor presentations.


They asked us to ensure proper GAAP accounting, establish document accounting procedures, create a monthly financial reporting package and develop key performance indicators (KPIs).



We identified adjustments needed for GAAP accounting, restated prior years' financial statements and documented procedures for future compliance. We remapped expenses and instituted policies for consistent categorization.


We revised the Chart of Accounts to facilitate product line gross margins and instituted a perpetual inventory accounting system.


We created a comprehensive monthly reporting package and dashboard which not only included overall year-over-year and month-over-month financial performance and ratios, but also product line and average transaction profitability as well as customer buying trends.



The reports identified areas of the business needing further attention, including inventory, supplier and customer management. The management team was deployed to address the identified issues. 

Just as we helped this client build its financial infrastructure, we can do the same for you. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call.  


Until next month, Point Your Business Where it Needs to Go! 


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