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August 2014
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Test Stands by IFTS
Control of Filters for Residential Water Systems
Cake Discharge from Filter Cloths
People Power: Dr. Marie Andrée Sirvain, Research Engineer
Filter Lab Materials In Stock

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Test Stands

IFTS designs and manufactures standard and custom test stands:

We are delighted to share with our clients and friends relevant insights and announcements about liquid separation, research, and testing.

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International Filter Testing Services, Inc. USA
Control of Filters for Residential Water Systems


IFTS, with its extensive knowledge in Filter Testing and Chemical Water Analysis, has the ability to test cartridge filters, reverse osmosis modules, and treating devices found on water circuits in homes and residential buildings.  


Testing detects and reduces the following polluting compounds:

  • Unwanted Elements (hardness, chlorine, nitrate)
  • Metallic Mircopollutants (copper, lead, nickel)
  • Organic Micropollutants (hydrocarbons, pesticides)

Samples are taken regularly for several weeks or months. For further information or for a quotation, please contact IFTS Sales Manager Marion Dalex at marion.dalex@ifts-sls.com.   


An example of a system with five stages of treatment.
Cake Discharge from Filter Cloths

IFTS wished to develop an experimental method to define and quantify the cake adhesion to the filtration cloth and to study the parameters influencing it. A bad cake discharge can lead to a decline in productivity and yield losses.
The device used for cake adhesion to filtration cloths.

In order to measure this, a prototype was designed and built, and has already measured the strength between a cake and filter cloth.

The system measures the breakout forces and fracture energies of cakes. The first results showed good repeatability with shear stress.

The development and new methods used to quantify cake adhesion to filter media will be one of the topics discussed at the IFTS Conference, which will be held in Lyon, France on October 16th.
People Power: Dr. Marie Andrée Sirvain, Research Engineer


Dr. Marie Andrée Sirvain joined the IFTS team in 1986 and serves as the Head of the Training Center and Technology Surveys.

Dr. Marie Andrée Sirvain, IFTS Research Engineer

As a PhD Research Engineer, she performs a myriad of roles. Her responsibilities include: continuous training, feasibility studies, writing the monthly company newsletter, and managing the technical databases. 


"Filtration, Solid-Liquid Separations and Membrane Separations are used in every industrial sector, "  Dr. Sirvain comments on working at IFTS. "This allows us to meet people who are very diverse and varied; it is very rewarding." 


Marie studied Industrial Chemistry at the Institute of National Applied Sciences and then earned a Chemical Engineering Doctorate at the University of Sciences in Toulouse.

IFTS has the following in stock for filter labs:   


SCS400 Secondary Calibration Fluid
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ISO 16332 Water Emulsion Device
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