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February 2014
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Test Stands by IFTS
IFTS Laboratory Replaces Centrifuge
New Particle Differentiation Software
People Power: Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes
Filter Lab Materials In Stock

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Test Stands

IFTS designs and manufactures the following test stands:

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International Filter Testing Services, Inc. USA
IFTS Laboratory Replaces Centrifuge


The new centrifuge allows IFTS to conduct trials over a greater range of operations.  

The new centrifuge in IFTS' Agen laboratory.


The centrifuge can be equipped with six 250 mL flasks. Suspension centrifugation tests are possible with a rotation speed up to 9500 rpm. Sample preparations are also possible depending on the temperature or rotation speed. 


The replacement of this laboratory equipment enhances IFTS' coverage to provide better availability of centrifuges and disk centrifuge separators in your industry.    

New Particle Differentiation Software

In order to help customers identify the nature of the particles extracted from compounds during cleanliness controls, IFTS has purchased the latest Microvision software.

This software can differentiate metallic and non-metallic particles in 95% of cases. The analysis software detects all particles observed under an optical microscope and determines the following characteristics: length, width, elongation, color, intensity and brightness.

By establishing a threshold according to the brightness and intensity of the reflected light, metallic particles are counted separately from all other particles.

An image of particles deposited on a membrane. The metallic particle is differentiated.
People Power: Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes 
Thierry Courtois, Expert In Membrane Processes at IFTS in Agen, France.


Thierry Courtois joined IFTS in January 2013 to develop a new department focused on Membrane Separation (PSM). He brings 25 years of experience in the field.  


He is responsible for the characterization and testing of technical and economical case studies of membrane applications.  


An expert in the evaluation of membrane pore sizes, this knowledge is now integrated at IFTS and is offered as a standard commercial service. 

IFTS is involved in European, National and local research and development projects including the development of a full-scale water treatment testing pilot plant for municipal wastewater and drinking water production. 

Courtois studied Chemical Process Engineering and earned a PhD in Membrane Filtration Processes.  

IFTS has the following in stock for filter labs:   


SCS400 Secondary Calibration Fluid; $275 per bottle.
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ISO 16332 Water Emulsion Device used to test diesel fuel filter water separation efficiency; $1,475 each.
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To order, please contact Christina Mazza at:

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