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Test Stands by IFTS
IFTS Participates in ISO 16232 Inter-Laboratory Test
Centrifuge Filtration and Microwaves
People Power: Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support
Filter Lab Materials In Stock

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Test Stands

IFTS designs and manufactures the following test stands:


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International Filter Testing Services, Inc. USA
IFTS Participates in ISO 16232 Inter-Laboratory Test

IFTS was invited to participate in an inter-laboratory test, as part of the validation process of the ISO 16232 standard (2007; Road vehicles -- Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits -- Part 3: Method of extraction of contaminants by pressure rinsing). Sixteen other French laboratories, including three independent laboratories participated in these trials.

IFTS' laboratories were able to extract the most accurate amount of particulate pollution possible.

IFTS is an independent specialist in cleanliness checks and an ISO 17025- accredited test laboratory.
Centrifuge Filtration and Microwaves 
As part of the DATCEMO (Dewatering Thermally Assisted Coupling Centrifuge Filtration and Microwave Drying) project, IFTS transformed its centrifuge filter pilot in order to implement thermal energy during the centrifugation cycle.

The centrifuge filter pilot uses a microwave generator and twenty sensors to measure the key parameters of the process (flow rates and temperature of liquid and vapor, rotation speed, liquid ring position, cake height, power consumption, electromagnetic field, temperature in the cake, moisture of extracted air). This measured data is used to establish the balances (mass, temperature, force, energy) on the liquid and solid phases. 

IFTS has the capability to study and assess the interest of coupling mechanical separation and microwave drying in the same machine. Industrial areas targeted are chemistry, pharmaceutics, and the textile industry.

Centrifuge Filter Pilot and its environment

People Power: Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support  
Romain Coumau, Test Stand Customer Support at IFTS in Agen, France.


To bolster growing test stand sales, Romain Coumau joined IFTS in February.

Working under the direction of Sales Manager Marion Dalex, Romain works with test stand customers on all matters including, drafting technical documentation (validation reports and user guides), coordinating installing on site at customers' locations and providing support.

If a problem arises with an IFTS-manufactured test stand, Coumau determines the cause of the problem and sets recovery actions in place.

Coumau graduated from the National Engineering School of Tarbes (ENIT) and brings three years of aerospace customer support experience to his new role at IFTS.
IFTS has the following in stock for filter labs:   


SCS400 Secondary Calibration Fluid; $275 per bottle.
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ISO 16332 Water Emulsion Device used to test diesel fuel filter water separation efficiency; $1,475 each.
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