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Validation Criteria of an APC Calibration Suspension Preparation Loop
Filter Cold Test Chamber
People Power: Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager
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International Filter Testing Services, Inc. USA
Validation Criteria of an APC Calibration Suspension Preparation Loop  


Globally there is a need for highly accurate particle counting. This is especially true in the filtration and separation industry. An ISO expert group took on the responsibility to draft the new specification for the improved calibration fluid, SRM2806b, which will be used to calibrate optical particle counters worldwide.  IFTS accepted the development challenge and used its expertise in particle counting and cleanliness control to develop a new world class fluid process and production system to produce the new calibration fluid.
SRM2806b Secondary Calibration Fluid

The initial challenge was to produce four hundred, 400mL bottles with an ISO suspension of silica powders in a standard mineral oil and to guarantee that the particle size distribution is replicated in each and every bottle.

With this new validated equipment, IFTS can now guarantee online particle stability within 1 % >4 �m(c) and 5 % >40 �m(c) and larger.

Our new equipment will allow IFTS to supply the world market with the most repeatable secondary calibration suspensions ever prepared according to ISO 11171.

NIST is currently validating all the bottles in their labs in Maryland.  
Filter Cold Test Chamber

After repeated requests from aircraft manufacturing firms, airplane engineers and aerospace filter manufacturers, IFTS has invested and developed a highly accurate cryogenic filter test chamber.

The complete test system and associated equipment, is housed in a fully insulated cold chamber which allows in depth filter tests at temperatures as low as -40�C, flow rates up to 50 gpm (200 L/min), and at differential pressures up to 90 psid (~6 bar). The flexibility of the system design allows us to perform various custom test configurations. This might include the filter and all its associated components tested within the cold chamber at a constant low temperature, or another popular method is where all equipment is held outside the chamber at ambient temperatures and only the test filter is inside at the low test temperature.

As an example; a recent test program consisted of monitoring the clogging and physical behavior of kerosene filters in the presence of trace water in kerosene at -45�C and a flow rate of 50 L/min. Water was injected upstream the circulation pump to create an emulsified test fluid and ∆P was continuously recorded until the end of test value was reached. The results provided an in depth and unique view of these challenging conditions.

A top and side view of the chamber.
People Power: Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager
Nicolas Petillon, Test Manager at IFTS in Agen, France.

For the last 15 years, Nicolas has been working in an international and multidisciplinary environment to qualify liquid filters.


As manager of LMC and CEEF, he is in daily contact with international professionals ranging from nuclear, aeronautic and chemical industries to help them develop and select their best-suited filters and to control the cleanliness of their components. To qualify their filters and their components, he uses the most accurate counting particle technologies from 0.1 to 1000 �m.


Nicolas has developed worldwide-recognized expertise in filtration and has become an advisor on filter technology to ISO committees.

IFTS has the following in stock for filter labs:   


SRM2806b Secondary Calibration Fluid; $275 per bottle.
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ISO 16332 Water Emulsion Device used to test diesel fuel filter water separation efficiency; $1,475 each.
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