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Learn how your government agency can benefit from using ControlCam's mobile application to enhance communication, digitize your work flow and access real time data from a mobile device!  


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Understanding the Big Picture

by: David Freedman, CEO

We live in an age of specialization. As you work your way through school you develop a major, maybe marketing or computer science or accounting and then you're on your way to becoming a specialist. Once you join the work force you are pushed to further specialize; the accounting major goes in to tax, or financial planning, general accounting, budgeting or a host of other specialized areas that require greater in depth knowledge of one specific area. Marketers go into online advertising, website design, TV ads, etc. While having people with this level of specialized knowledge is important in today's complex business environment, I believe it is equally important for everyone in an organization to understand the big picture. Why do you need to understand the big picture? That is a really good question. Read More


ControlCam has purchased an additional aircraft to be used exclusively for capturing aerial imagery. The Cessna 206 was previously owned by the State of Arkansas. This new addition will allow ControlCam to complete more projects within short time frames.
Interview with Paige Parker, VP of Sales

by: Nissrine Hajbane, Marketing & Customer Engagement Specialist

Paige Parker is ControlCam's VP of Sales. I was able to sit down with this young professional and discuss her ambition and passion for sales. The interview brought to light a number of informative details about her background as well as her objectives. Throughout the article, any individual pursuing a career in sales is able to gain insight to how one can perfect their craft to become a better sales person. Paige also shares her plans to grow the sales department at ControlCam to be able to reach every region in the United States and meet their aerial imagery needs. Read More


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SGM Data: Affordable Point Cloud Data


by: Paige Parker, VP of Sales

At my previous job, I was an international business development associate for a LIDAR processing software company. One of my duties was to establish a global customer base. While talking to potential clients, I discovered government budgets were being cut overseas. Several government agencies were switching to a new type of affordable point cloud data also known as SGM (Semi Global Matching).


In 2005, German Scientist, Dr. Heiko Hirschmüller released his research on the process of Semi Global Matching and its results. From then on, this type of data has gained popularity across the globe and was even featured in an ISPRS presentation written by some of the best known companies in the GIS industry. Read More



The Pilot Lifestyle


by: Rigo Gonzalez, Chief Pilot

5:30 A.M.  Wednesday:  As I reach for my phone to turn off my alarm, my impossibly bright screen confirms that it's Wednesday, shortly after 5:30 A.M.  I dim the screen and swipe over to my weather app. Cold... really cold; snow and overcast skies early morning; scattered clouds and gusty winds by mid-afternoon; clear skies and wind advisories by early evening.  Yesterday, 100 miles to the North, these conditions would have resulted in a day lost to weather over Jefferson National Forest's wooded mountain range.  Today, however, I look forward to the challenges of winter flying, the opportunity of getting another day crossed off my schedule, and being another day closer to home, friends, and family. Read More


Weather Predictions of Yesterday and Today


by: Brad Verdesca, Camera Operator
Go ahead and take a quick look outside at the sky for me. Was it the same as it was 24 hours ago? How about 2 hours ago? Now, can you tell me what the weather will be in the future? This is a question that scientists have spent centuries trying to answer. Some questions have been answered through pattern recognition with no help from technology at all. For example, many scientists agree that prehistoric sites like Stonehenge in England and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico were constructed based on solar and lunar patterns. Publications like the farmers almanac use past weather patterns to provide seasonal weather predictions. Sure, they can tell you when the longest days will occur or possibly which week  will be the hottest this year, but tools like these are nearly useless when trying to predict conditions such as temperature inversion layers for the greater southeastern region or what day in the week a flash flood will occur. Read More

Optimizing Your Use of ControlCam.com

by: Lauren Kane, VP of Marketing
& Customer Engagement

ControlCam.com was created not only to market our products but to better meet the needs of our clients and address any questions our existing or potential customers may have. Our website offers a unique view of our products and services, a look at upcoming events and webinar sessions, educational information on aerial imagery and cumulative leakage index services, and a chance for you to to provide feedback.


At our homepage, you can find a quick video to guide you through who we are and what we offer. On this page, you can navigate through some of our products and services; aerial imagery, ControlCam mobile application and our unique image viewing software Control Central. You can also familiarize yourself with the broad range of industries that we serve. In case you were curious about events that we attend or how you can get in touch with our team, there are specific tabs on the homepage that allow you to do just that. Read More

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Florida Chapter of the International Association of Assessing Officers

28th Annual Conference

April 15-17, 2015
Kissimmee, Florida

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ESRI Southeast User Conerence

May 4-6, 2015
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ESRI User Conference
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July 20-24, 2015

San Diego, California
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