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Mobile Solutions for County Government

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Learn how your government agency can benefit from using ControlCam's mobile application to enhance communication, digitize your work flow and access real time data from a mobile device!  


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The Mobile CAMA Movement: Your Paperless Field-to-Valuation Solution

by: Michael DeLapa, VP of Marketing, FotoNotes

Going mobile.


That's what's happening through American business as companies seek to eliminate paper, reduce data duplication, and save time and money in their daily operations. Government, too, is jumping aboard the emerging digital movement. In particular, county appraisers are discovering that there are better, faster, and more cost effective mobile solutions to collect real estate data and establish property tax appraisals. Read More


What Makes a Successful CEO?

by: Nissrine Hajbane, Marketing & Customer Engagement Specialist

I had the pleasure to sit down with our C.E.O. here at ControlCam Mr. David Freedman where I was able to ask him a few questions for our newsletter. The interview was both informative and intriguing as it allows you to understand the many layers of a CEO and what lead to his success. As an employee, his answers shed light on recognizing the many skills and thought processes that produce such a CEO.  Furthermore, Mr. Freedman shares his background as well as his plans for the future growth of the company. Read More


Open Source GIS Software

by: David Lundeen, CTO

GIS development has received considerable support from the open source community.  It's not unusual to find fully functional GIS stacks developed entirely with open source software.

A basic GIS stack consists of:

1.  Datastore
In this context, datastore refers to any source of data that will be served to GIS clients.  For example, the datastore may be a traditional database, a shapefile or set of shapefiles, a set of georeferenced raster files, or a virtual raster table pointing to raster data. Read More


Cloud Computing: An Interview with GIS Executive & Cloud Computing Expert, 

Bob Bates


by: Paige Parker, VP of Sales
Bob Bates

We all know change can be difficult, but more often than not change is good, especially when it involves technology. In today's world, technology advancements are happening everywhere. Thanks to new products and services people can benefit from what it can bring.


Here at ControlCam people are raving about our new mobile application technology that is allowing local county governments to convert their old paper tax appraisal forms into a digital documents that can easily be updated on their phones or tablet PCs. Letting them cut time and cost with their workflows and field work management. Read More


ControlCam wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday and 
Wonderful New Year! 

Changing a Culture to Promote 

Customer Engagement 


by: Lauren Kane, VP of Marketing 
& Customer Engagement
As many of you may already know, Mar-Tech a division of ControlCam, has been around for over twenty years. Over those twenty years the company has established itself as a leader in cable leak detection. In the past five years, the company, along with Northeast Aircraft Maintenance, became ControlCam, adding aerial imaging and GIS services.


Mar-Tech has always worked with its customers to ensure they receive a quality product, but it wasn't until recently that the company began to realize the importance of customer  engagement. It's not that the company shunned customer service, rather it was focused on how customers acted in the past and what had always seemed to make them happy. Read More


Budget Preparation


by: Megan Goeckel, Accounting Manager

Before I started writing this article, I went online to do some research. This is what I found -

A full understanding of budget preparation is essential to ....., The process of preparing a budget should be regimented and follow a set schedule.....you should review bottlenecks---update budget assumptions....The budget has two functions, first to....The budget itself is the process of allocating...... ZZZZZZZZ

Now, If you're still with me.....................................Read More


Constructive-Criticism vs. Flattery

by: Lauren Register, Manager, Imaging Production

Winston Churchill once stated, 

Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop. (as cited in Goodreads Inc, 2014).

The result of constructive criticism is the start of something grand. By definition from Wikipedia, constructive criticism is "the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one."  Read More


Echoes of History in the Hanger


by: Phil Feldner, Director of Maintenance

The bruised grey skies over the English Channel did not do her silver wings justice, but the Lockheed 12 was not there to be noticed. Flying a covert mission over the skies of France in 1944, taking aerial photographs to help the Allies plan the attack on Normandy, she glided with ease as the 22 year old Army pilot lit a Lucky and tuned in to Benny Goodman. His copilot, a red-headed kid from Ohio with a wad of Beeman's gum hanging out of his mouth, smiled, pointed straight down with a gloved hand and said,  "Enemy supply trucks.... hundreds of 'em.  low and slow so I can get a pic!". With a gentle nudge, the pilot pushed on the yoke and she dropped like a feather under the cloud cover.  He thought," Thank you, baby - now please let the visibility stay low so nobody strafes us!" as he circled back for another round of photos of the grey-white beaches. Read More


Ensuring the Health and Integrity of the National Aerospace System through
CLI Testing

by: Rigo Gonzalez, Chief Pilot

There is a good chance that no matter where you live in the United States, airplanes routinely fly overhead. In fact, in 2012 the National Air Traffic Controllers Association stated that there were 87,000 flights per day in the US alone. In the past 25 years, flying has become so common that most of us are immune to the hum of jet and piston engines tens of thousands of feet in the sky. The logistics of keeping all those aircraft and passengers safely going to and fro falls solely on the pilots and governmental framework called the National Aerospace System. Read More


Big Data Means Big Storage

by: John Mobley, Network Manager
Today I wanted to talk about a super-exciting topic that is near and dear to my heart.  Storage!  Okay maybe it's not that exciting.  Fine!  It's boring.  Really.  But storage is important.  These days, it's all too easy to generate a tremendous amount of digital content in a fairly short amount of time.  To pick a completely random example, let's go with high-resolution aerial imagery.  When we sat down to design Control Cam's storage system, we knew we would be facing a number of data management challenges. The filesystem we use to store our images has played a critical role in making that data easy to maintain and retrieve. Read More

Using NGS Benchmarks to 

Improve Raster Accuracy 


by: Bradley Verdesca, Aerial Photography Coordinator
Property disputes are a common source of conflict amongst neighbors that have existed since people started owning land. Oftentimes disagreements between individuals start as the result of a simple question with a seemingly ambiguous answer, like in the case of where to install a property fence. Other times altercations involve serious ethical or religious issues that leave countries no choice but to fight to maintain what they believe is inherently theirs. Read More

JAXEX High Achievers Program

In February of this year ControlCam partnered with Jacksonville Executive Airport (JAXEX), Police Athletic League of Jacksonville (PAL) and other local private businesses located at the JAXEX airport to take part in JAXEX High Achievers 2014 program.


The High Achievers program brought together twenty students from around the community who had an interest in the different careers in aviation. The program gave students an opportunity to learn more about the various aviation jobs; including skill requirements, salary potential, education requirements, hands-on demonstrations and workshops, and networking with professional aviation job leaders.


As a result of the JAXEX High Achievers Program, JAA and participating tenants, including ControlCam, were awarded the 2014 Community Affairs Award. The award was presented from the Florida Airports Council (FAC), which is one of the largest airport-specific organizations in Florida. 
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