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What it Takes to Differentiate a Business in A Crowded Market

by: David Freedman, CEO

A few months ago we were making a presentation to one of the largest counties in the United States. We were one of six finalists for this important project. I felt pleased that our company had progressed to the point where we would be considered a finalist. The presentation went really well and I was very excited that our images and software seemed to meet the needs of this very demanding customer. Read More


Observations of a Red Bull Addict 

by: David Lundeen, CTO

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for entertainment purposes only. No employees were harmed during the study.


Most people have a basic understanding of the health benefits of a balanced diet.  What is not so well understood is how much Red Bull is required for a diet to be considered balanced. Read More


"Using Aerial Imagery to Kick off a 100 Year Celebration: An interview with the 

Port of Palm Beach"

by: Paige Parker, VP of Sales

I recently had the privilege to interview my first client for ControlCam in the commercial port industry, Ms. Julie Houston Trieste from the Port of Palm Beach. Julie has a rich history in public relations. After graduating from Wesleyan College, Julie went on to establishing her career and winning several awards for her work. Read More 


Updated CLI Reports


by: Richard Willis, CLI Reports Manager

Mar-Tech, a division of ControlCam, recently conducted a series of webinars attended by more than 200 people from the cable industry. These webinars were intended to provide engineering personnel an overview of the CLI process and to solicit feedback from the cable industry on what Mar-Tech can do to improve its services. One of the suggestions coming out of the webinar was for improvements to our maps used in the CLI reports. Read More


2014 IAAO Annual Conference


Thank you to everyone who visited the ControlCam booth at the 2014 International Association of Assessing Officers Annual Conference in Sacramento, California! Congratulations to John Huddleston, Chief Appraiser of Reeves County, Texas who won a BEATS Pill stereo. We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference next year.


How My OCD Makes Me Good At My Job 

by: Lauren Register, Manager, Imaging Production

From determining a word's alphabetical line of symmetry to inspecting a paint line where the wall meets the ceiling, minute details tend to grab my attention, and they consume my mind to the point that, even in a social setting, I will completely zone out from distraction of such technicalities.  Read More


Northeast Florida Aircraft Maintenance -

A Safe Flight Every Time


by: Phil Feldner, Director of Maintenance

I  know that many individuals are familiar with ControlCam and their incredible products. But a lesser known aspect of the business lies about a quarter of a mile south of the ControlCam headquarters in a historical Jacksonville location. Northeast Florida Aircraft Maintenance, Inc. joined the ControlCam family back in 2011; as the aircraft maintenance end of  ControlCam's fleet of planes, it is our responsibility to keep the business airborne for our growing list of clients as we grow into the future. Read More


Aerial Photography:
 More Than Just A Pretty Picture

by: Brad Verdesca, Aerial Photography Coordinator

"Man must rise above the Earth ... for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives." - Socrates


One of the great things about my job is I get to see what Socrates really meant. It's truly amazing how much information can be gained from doing an aerial imaging flight. In addition to the images we collect we also collect information from Global Positioning Satellites allowing us to use our photos in many ways. Read More
 3D Modeling: An Interactive
Future for Photogrammetry

by: Nathan Feger, Aerial Photography Coordinator

As the technology of photogrammetry advances, businesses must take full advantage of the resources available to provide customers with the very latest in products, services and support to maintain an edge in the world. Read More

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