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June 27, 2014
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Summer is a busy season at PWSSC, and we launch into it with one of our most exciting events of the year: our annual fundraiser, Copper River Nouveau. This year's celebratory weekend was notable for a number of reasons: it's PWSSC's 25th anniversary year; it was our 15th annual Copper River Nouveau, and our 10th annual Fisheries Achievement Award reception. 

The Fisheries Achievement Award started our special evening with heart as we lauded the accomplishments of Bill and Irene Webber, two very respected community members who have been leaders in our local fisheries for decades. Folks who attended the dinner that night received a gorgeous commemorative cookbook entitled The Chefs of Copper River Nouveau. You can claim one of these keepsakes for yourself by contacting us at [email protected]

This year was also special because it was the third year in a row that our gala has grossed over $100,000 for PWSSC. That said, the night is not about the numbers--it's about enabling us to carry out our mission, improving understanding of the incredible ecosystems in our bioregion, home to the world's richest waters. The community of people who show their support for the Science Center stretches far beyond the guests we welcome to the dinner table each June. If you're reading this Breakwater, you're one of them. Thanks for your continued interest in all we do.



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Summer Education programs

Haystack Trailhead
The education staff at the Science Center is partnering with Bidarki Rec Center for 2014 summer science education. Rainforest hikes, tidepool exploration, and plant and animal identification are some of the fun activities planned.

Click here to read more or contact Bidarki staff at 907-424-7282 for questions about the July and August programs.

New Calorimeter in the Lab

The Science Center lab has recently acquired a new bomb calorimeter, which determines the energy content of herring and other forage fish. The software of the new calorimeter is automated to calculate final caloric values, saving time and limiting human error.  

Click here to learn more.

Aerial Surveys for Herring and Forage Fish

Aerial surveys provide data on the number of of age-1 herring schools and other forage fish along the coastline. By surveying the age-1 herring schools we hope to be able to predict future recruitment to the spawning stock.  


Click here to read more about the surveys.


The Science Center is committed to understanding how one place on earth can maintain a reliable economy and natural environment for the long-term. 
We invite you - donors, researchers, partners, funders, elected officials, citizens - to join us in better understanding one of the world's last, great natural regions, home of the world's richest waters.

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