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October 2013
Katrina image Greetings!

For many Cordovans, autumn heralds hunting, berry picking, and jam making. It's also the time of year that our salmon fleet's commercial fishing season winds to a close. But for some researchers at the Prince William Sound Science Center, fall is the beginning of a series of intensive juvenile herring surveys. 

Our team will be at sea every other week from now through December for cruises ranging in length from 3 days to 10 days. 


As you might imagine, plying the waters of Prince William Sound is no easy feat during rough fall and winter weather, but our team is dedicated to gathering the data that will shed light on the status on one of the many species important to our local community. As you enjoy your favorite delights of the season, know that we are furthering our mission to improve the understanding of resources that so many people depend on.


Happy Autumn,

  Katrina Hoffman

Katrina Hoffman



Dessert Dash!

Want a chance to win one of many gourmet desserts donated by some of Cordova's best bakers? We are hosting a membership event - the Dessert Dash - at 7pm on Saturday, October 26th. Please join us! Entry is free, but click here for more details about how you could get to dash for the dessert first!

Laboratory Reconfiguration

Phase two of our laboratory upgrade was completed in August. New lab counters provide more space for sample analysis and improved work flow for research technicians.


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Digging for residual oil in Prince William Sound
An Oil Spill Recovery Institute-sponsored graduate student came to Cordova to collect samples for her research on bacteria that degrade oil, particularly those found in sediments that contain residue from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Could she find the oil or obtain her samples?

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Discovery Room in DanceTeacher Magazine

How did third graders learn the water cycle using their bodies as a learning tool? DanceTeacher Magazine highlights Science Center educator Marita Kleissler and her cadre of corporeal water cycle students.

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