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Propelling the Right People to the Right Jobs
Amy and Bob McGeorge
There are some people by virtue of their jobs who perform good deeds every day.  There are some people by virtue of their awesome attitude who perform deeds every day.  Finally, there are some people who by virtue of their talents who perform good deeds every day.  Meet Amy and Bob McGeorge who embody all three attributes and more.   Amy and Bob own and operate ePropelr, a company that provides job coaching, career counseling, and job placement.  Amy and Bob also own and operate Peoplr, a company that serves employers in the areas of recruitment and outplacement.  

Unfortunately, downsizing and ecomonic fluctuations are part of our society.   Change is inevitable. Change can be quite tough especially when a person experiences it due to a job layoff or need to change a career.  Of course, there are also upswings in the economy that then provide a multitude of opportunities for those companies seeking employees and those applicants 
seeking jobs. 

Fortunately, there are skilled and caring people like Amy and Bob McGeorge hard at work to help candidates with the tools and coaching to land a job.   People know that an orthopedist fixes a broken bone, a plumber fixes a pipe, and a chef cooks a meal. It is not so obvious what to do or who to call when a job is needed, a career path is  changed, or a job search is conducted.  Yes, many people manage fine on their own to find that next job.    However, other people do struggle and need some professional help whether from Amy, Bob, or somebody else to get the right tools and approaches in place for a successful job search.  

Let's face it. Times have changed and will continue to change.   The mailed in paper resume and cover letter are, for the most part, things of the past.  We now live in the age of LinkedIn, Facebook, E-Mail, Monster.Com, CraigsList, and a number of other platforms to post a job and to seeks a job.   

There is an old Chinese saying as follows:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. 
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Amy and Bob help a person learn to fish by teaching them about the current tools and techniques to find a job.  Is this really a "good deed?  Is being a caring and dedicated job coach really part of the Good Deed Brigade?  The simple answer is "absolutely yes".  

The truth is that neither Amy or Bob asked that this article be written.  The McGeorges and their awesome companies - Peoplr and ePropelr - are plenty busy.  Nonetheless, the Good Deed Brigade wanted to salute and celebrate efforts of this wonderful couple and their companies because their work not only changes the life of the job seeker but also the lives of the job seeker's family members and others around them.

The applicant is that much closer to finding a job when he or she engages the services of ePropelr.  A company is that much closer to finding the right candidate for an opening when it engages the services of Peoplr.  Of course, there are no guarantees of getting a particular position, placement, candidate, or salary; however, it is far better to go fishing with a good boat, fishing pole, net, and tackle box than to wade out into the current with your bare hands.  

When Amy and Bob are not busy with the commitments of their companies, you will find them out and about watching their teenage daughter, Kendall McGeorge, play golf.  You may also find the McGeorges, from time to time, taking a leisurely stroll (when they can) through their Clay County, Florida neighborhood. They also enjoy travel including visits with their teenage son, Kellen, who is attending school in Northern Michigan just across a bridge from Canada.

Just spend a few minutes with Amy and Bob and you will see how they are such assets to people and companies fortunate enough to work with them. Truly, Amy and Bob make a difference in many communities throughout the United States and for people on a daily basis. 

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Amy and Bob McGeorge for their dedication to people and for their sincere desire to make a difference. Follow the example set by the actions of Amy and Bob McGeorge and go out in your community to do your share of good deeds. Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good. 

Here are links to read more about :

The ePropelr website is filled with antique toys that serve as icons. The website is well done and easy to navigate.  While this website filled with antique toys, these are the only antiquated items that you will find on the website.  The information, resources, and advice available on the website are current, up-to-date, and in tune with the fast paced tech world we live and work in. 

The Peoplr website is filled with simple common every day items like an apple and pen.  This website is also well done; however, it should be noted that there is nothing simple or easy about finding the right candidate for a successful company.  Peoplr uses its resources, experience, and extensive network to make things easy and simple for companies in search of employees.  

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Mission of the Good Deed Brigade
The mission of the Good Deed Brigade is to promote the actions and kindness of people making a difference in the community.
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Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, 
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